Movie Marathon Tips You Might Want to Try, Including the Use of Big Berkey Filter


Given the lockdown measures in various places worldwide, more people have time to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. Being at home gives everyone plenty of opportunities to do what they couldn’t do during regular workdays. If you have always planned to do a movie marathon, it’s finally time to make it happen. You still have a lot of movies on the list, and you want to catch up. Since you will spend several hours to finish all these movies, you have to prepare yourself. Start by having a Big Berkey filter at home. For sure, you will eat a lot of food while you watch these movies. Some of them are unhealthy, and you have to wash them out by drinking a lot of water. Having clean drinking water nearby will make it easier for you to stay healthy. You can also avoid relying on carbonated drinks for rehydration. Apart from having a water filter at home, these are the other tips you can follow to prepare for a movie marathon at home.

Have all the snacks you want 

Once the movies have started playing, it would be difficult for you to pause and find something to eat. You might also irritate your family and friends because you keep stopping the movie. If you don’t, and you still decided to look for something to eat in the kitchen, you might miss several scenes. When you get back on your seat, you wouldn’t understand what’s happening in the movie. Therefore, it helps if you have everything you need on the table before the movie starts. You can’t even spend time to cook some meals so that you don’t have to pause and prepare dinner in the kitchen. Everything you need is already in the living room or your house’s mini-theater.

Decide the order of movies 

It can ruin the experience if you start a fight with your family members about the movies you’re going to watch. Before you begin the movie marathon, the movies should have already been identified. Even the sequence of these movies should be finalized. You can also decide on the vote so that no one will hinder the smooth flow of the movies.

Create some rules 

When you decide to have a movie marathon, it’s not only for fun. You also want to understand the meaning of the movie that you’re watching. You take it seriously because you might not have the chance to watch these movies again. Therefore, you need to set the rules with everyone involved in the movie marathon. For instance, you should have a policy on reacting to certain scenes or spoiling them if someone in the room has already watched the movie. You should also decide went to pause the movie if everyone agreed to take a break. Most of all, you need to decide when you’re going to end the movie marathon. If you allow yourselves to keep watching, even if you no longer have time to sleep, you will feel okay about it. However, it’s not good for your health, and you need to set a time limit.

Wear your sleeping outfit 

If you decided to watch the movies at night, you might fall asleep somewhere in the middle. If you want to take a break and no longer want to watch the rest of the film, you can stay in your seat and sleep. You can re-watch the scenes that you missed later if you have enough time. It helps if you already have a sleeping outfit so that you don’t have to leave your seat and change. You can wear any comfortable clothing so that you will enjoy the movie marathon experience. You can also shower before you start watching these movies since you might not have time once the first movie started.

Determine when to leave and take a break

If you have a policy of not pausing the movie, you should learn when to take a break. In an entire film, some scenes are unnecessary or may have no relevance to the movie’s flow. Once you feel that you’ve already reached that stage, you might decide to leave and go to the toilet. You can also stretch your muscles since sitting for a long time isn’t healthy.

Don’t rush the process

The idea of having a movie marathon is that you can watch as many movies as possible within one sitting. However, if you already feel exhausted, and everyone in the room agreed to stop the movie marathon, you should be open to doing so. Besides, if you decide to rush the process of watching all these films, you might not enjoy them. Some of the movies on the lineup might be excellent, but you end up not appreciating them because of the time limit. Another option is to sleep when someone else’s movie is playing, and you don’t enjoy it. When it’s your turn to watch your chosen film, you will have the energy to watch everything until the end.

Learn from the experience  

You might want to do another movie marathon in the future. It helps if you can take note of the issues that arose while you watch these movies. You can apply them next time to decide to have a movie marathon with your family and friends. You might also want to change the people to have this experience if you didn’t enjoy the first one.

Doing a movie marathon can be fun and exciting. When the quarantine periods are over, you might not have the same opportunity again. While you still have the chance, you should start watching all these wonderful movies. Also, because of this pandemic, there’s limited movie production going on. You might not have the chance to see new films in the theaters soon. If things get back to normal, you will be up to speed and ready to watch the new releases.

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