Must-Know Facts About Vasectomy


Each year, over 500.000 men will undergo the vasectomy procedure in the US alone, and that makes it one of the most common urological procedures. Vasectomy is seen as one of the best methods of birth control, and if you are considering this procedure, there are a couple of things you should know.

First of all, you need to find a good doctor who will perform this procedure, and in that case you can check out the vasectomy procedure from Vasectomy Australia. You can also search for local doctors, and before the procedure it is also important that you have a proper chat.

Find a good urologist and a popular clinic

A minor procedure

Vasectomy is considered to be a minor procedure, and it will often be done in the doctor’s clinic, with the local anesthesia instead of the general. It is a simple and safe procedure, and often times it can be performed even without a scalpel. Instead of the scalpel, a small hole will be punctured with a special device. Make sure to search for a certified urologist.

The results are not immediate

After the vasectomy and when your wound has healed, you might still have some viable sperm in your system, even for a couple of weeks after. So, if you want to avoid unintended pregnancy, there are other birth control methods you should consider instead.

Usually there are no side-effects

Unlike what most believe, the Vasectomy procedure is very safe. More often than not there will be no side effects. You will experience some bruising and swelling at the place of the incision, but the pain reliever can help with the short-term discomfort. If you develop a fever or experience high pain, you should think about visiting your doctor.

No sexual difficulties

Another misconception is that men who undergo vasectomy will not be able to perform in bed, but that can’t be far from the truth. You will not experience a decrees in desire, problems with an orgasm, or difficulty maintaining an erection. So, if you are interested check out vasectomy Western Sydney according to Vasectomy Australia or a local clinic.

You will not experience any sexual difficulties after the procedure

Not a protection against STDs

Just because you have vasectomy does not mean that you cannot get an STI or give it to somebody else. So, it is still important for you to practice safe sex, in case you are planning to have sexual relations with somebody you do not know that well. Even though vasectomy can be seen as a permanent form of contraception, often times it is reversible.

Final word

If you are worried that in the future you might change your mind, you should know that vasovasostomy or vasoepididymostomy is a procedure designed to help you with that. Make sure that you have a proper chat with your doctor about the procedure, risks, preparation and recovery. Learn as much as you can before you go through with the procedure!

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