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No more suffering from premature ejaculation if you follow these tips


‘PREMATURE EJACULATION’ is a term that has disturbed the lives of men who are diagnosed with this medical condition. Well, it is a common sexual complaint nowadays among males of all ages. It is a feeling of not being capable of controlling the ejaculation at the time of sexual encounters. In short, premature ejaculation is defined as a condition in which a male ejaculates before or shortly after penetration. Here, we are discussing some essential tips to know if he is struggling with chronic premature ejaculation.

Don’t feel that you are alone

As mentioned, the premature ejaculation has become a common issue among men. The percentage of problems is anywhere about 30-75%. Therefore, one should not feel that he is alone when it comes to this medical condition. There are many who are dealing with the same issue.

Don’t remain silent, talk about it

When someone is experiencing premature ejaculation, he cuts himself from others due to inner guilt. So, it is advisable to talk to your partner and doctor to explain exactly what you are going through. Your partner’s reassurance can help you sort out the problems and help you get out of the depression.

Emphasize on outercourse

A man should know that penis is not the only thing by which you can pleasure your partner. Rather than penetration, you can focus more on foreplay, erotic massages, and other things. These are known as the outcourse activities that minimize the pressure and also spice up your sexual life.

Always observe your sexual scripts

Here, the sexual scripts are related to myths, ideas, expectations, messages, and opinions regarding sexuality. There are some scripts that generally remain unchanged with passing the time. Therefore, one should keep a track on his sexual scripts.

Go for men health products

There are lots of men health products available in the market. One such online shop is MenMD, where you can find a number of products prescribed for premature ejaculation. Here, you can refill the prescriptions online and get the medicines at your doorstep. The team of MenMD is always available on the phone and online as well.

MenMD works with the healthcare provider for offering treatment progress updates and optimizing the satisfaction. Send the prescription via email or e-prescription to us, and you will get the call from the patient service coordinator to discuss your requirements.


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