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Orthodontic Dental Braces — Is it Worth Getting?


Dental braces are not always necessary, and it’s often one of the myriads of options available, particularly for minor cases of misaligned teeth. That said, there are cases when these braces are a must-have. If so, then you’ve got to wonder — are braces genuinely worth getting?

Orthodontists typically prescribe dental braces only when necessary. Perhaps your teeth are excessively large, or you lack the jaw structure is inadequate? In this case, the teeth may not fit the jaw resulting in growth at odd angles and overcrowding. In any case, braces have been proven to be an effective solution for improving one’s dental appearance and mitigating issues that may arise due to misaligned teeth.

Of course, getting dental braces is not without its’ downsides, which are well worth considering. For one thing, the cost of braces for adults can be high, and they require regular cleaning. Also, traditional metal braces exhibit an odd appearance that just the thought of wearing them is enough to dissuade most people.

Alternatives to traditional braces

The good news is that many of the downsides mentioned above have been successfully mitigated over the years. If you dislike standard metal braces, then you can opt for less conspicuous alternatives such as clear braces. These braces are barely noticeable at all and can help people regain their confidence even when getting orthodontic treatment. 

Keep in mind that there are cases wherein metal braces are the only solution, especially in severe cases of misaligned teeth. Nevertheless, unless an orthodontist deems it a necessity, you can opt for modern alternatives to metal braces.

How much can you expect to spend on braces?

At this point, you might be wondering — how much do braces cost? Well, that depends on which type of braces you choose and where you get them from. Some orthodontists charge more than others, especially those based in the city. That said, traditional metal braces are typically the least expensive. 

As with most things in the dental care industry, new technology tends to be expensive. Hence, you can expect to pay more for clear invisible braces, although most people would agree that they are well worth it. Keep in mind that the cost of getting braces isn’t limited to the dental appliance alone. You likewise need to consider the upkeep as the braces need to be adjusted periodically. In the case of clear braces, they typically require more dental visits compared to standard solutions. 

You can expect to spend around $5000 for traditional metal braces or about $8,500 for clear braces. If you want something less noticeable, then you might want to consider what’s called Incognito Lingual braces which are fitted directly behind each tooth. As you might imagine, the latter is much more complex and can cost upwards of $12,000 for full treatment (upper and lower teeth).

If you have dental insurance, then you would want to check to see if your policy covers the type of braces you’re getting. If it doesn’t, then there are other alternatives available. Most orthodontists today offer a payment plan that enables patients to divide payment through monthly installments. In any case, you will find that orthodontic braces are well worth the investment as they help ensure a healthy and beautiful smile.

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