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We are a top-rated Outpatient Therapy service offering the latest evidence-based clinical care to all our patients in Nampa, ID. Our therapy allows patients to get back in the swing of things after receiving a quick, personalized treatment they deserve. We pay keen attention to the underlying physical, mental, emotional as well as substance abuse, and allow you to go home the same day.

Diagnostic services

Our outpatient therapy Nampa, ID offer diagnosis for conditions that include:

·     Orthopedic, (limp fractures or joint replacement)

·     Neurological, Parkinson’s disease, stroke rehabilitation

·     Arthritis

·     Balance disorders among others

Offering Care to Fit Your Need

We provide the utmost care for patients looking to regain their lives back. Our services entail:

·     Special therapy programs for seniors

·     Personalized attention and care

·     Cognitive testing

·     Education to help you maximize the benefits of therapy

·     Personalized attention and care

·     Individualized treatment plans to meet your specific recovery needs

Why Our Outpatient Therapy?

We strive to ensure excellence in service through cutting-edge research that enables us to provide high-quality care to all our patients in Nampa. Our certified health professionals are determined to ensure you resume the day-to-day tasks you loved before they were affected by injury, surgery, or illness. Our outpatient services will ensure:

·     Fast healing from a work-related injury

·     Reduce muscle and joint pain

·     Ensure a smooth transition from an inpatient to a home environment setting

·     Provide a home exercise program to quicken your recovery

·     Prevention of further injury or recurrence

·     Increased muscle strength and endurance

·     Improve functionality to help you return to the activities that you enjoy.

How Long Will it Take?

Although patients are discharged within the same day, outpatient programs vary depending on how much time patients spend in the facility. While some sessions take 15min-40min, one or two times a week, an intensive outpatient treatment program takes several sessions per week, each lasting a few hours. For partial hospitalization, patients spend a better part of the day in the treatment facility, sometimes all day, for the better part of the week.

For more information about our outpatient therapy Nampa, ID, please reach out to us via the contact form on our website.

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