Significance of Undergoing Artificial Disc Replacement


Your spinal cord and the backbones perform very important roles in your life. Every nerve in your body communicates with the brain through the spinal cord. However, there are some situations that occur in life that may damage and destroy some of your spinal discs. Spinal discs lie on top of each other and are bonded together by tissues and ligaments. Accidents and back injuries can cause the spinal disc to have fractures that may be severe, leading to surgery. Artificial disc replacement is a modern health technology that involves changing damaged natural spinal discs with artificial ones. Artificial disk replacement in Pittsburgh, PA, has the best specialist who performs spinal surgery. Below are the benefits of replacing your damaged spinal disc.

The major benefits of undergoing artificial disc replacement

Your spinal cord is made up of many spinal discs. Backbones run from your head to the pelvis. Your spinal cord acts as a pillar that supports your body and prevents it from collapsing. However, some of your spinal discs may wear down, causing severe back pain, a tingling sensation, and difficulties in working. Conditions like a herniated disc and disc degeneration are what cause disc damage, and they typically occur as you get older. Due to the growth of technology, spinal specialists are capable of removing the damaged spinal disc. Replacing your spinal disc has the following benefits.

  •   Disc replacement is less invasive as compared to fusion operation. Replacing your disc through invasive surgery is less painful. Recovery is fast since no severe incisions are made.
  •   Reduces the damage of the rest of the spinal disc. The replaced disc corresponds with the other natural discs, absorbing your body pressure. Body pressure and twisting your back is what results in your spinal disc wearing out.
  •   Disc replacement facilitates motion and flexibility of your spine. When the damaged disc is replaced, the other spinal disc continues to move and rotate as expected.
  •   Eliminates chronic back pain. Damaged spinal discs are responsible for causing chronic back pain. Degeneration of disc and herniated disc cause stress to nerves and tissues. Disc replacement gets rid of the damaged spinal disc, thus making your backbone work as required. During surgery, damaged tissue and nerves are also removed.

Despite disc replacement importance, not every person is a candidate for the surgery. After the doctor’s examination, he or she will tell you whether you are the required candidate. Patients who are very old and those with a weak backbone may not qualify for artificial disc replacement. This is because old people have very weak spinal discs, which may break easily during surgery.

Severe chronic back pain is brought by a damaged spinal disc. Back pain in its late stages may cause effects to your body like difficulty in walking, sleeping, and a tingling sensation. Artificial disc replacement uses a metallic spinal disc to replace worn out natural discs. Invasive spinal surgery is used during replacement since it is less painful. Consult the Steel City Spine and Orthopedic Center for more information.

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