Six Ways to Save Money on Your Divorce


Divorce leads to emotional distress and can cost you more than you can expect. When it’s a decision you need to make, you want to find ways to minimize the costs whenever possible. Here are some tips to achieve this:

Try Not to Go to Trial

Consider working out the divorce amicably through mediation. If your case goes to trial, you might have to spend thousands of dollars depending on the issues you and your spouse are not agreeing to. A neutral mediator can help you and your tacoma divorce attorney reach an agreement. Meanwhile, you should agree with your attorney to work toward a settlement without using the court system.

Prepare your Financial Records

A divorce attorney will mostly gather financial records from you. To make their job easier, get these records yourself and organize them according to categories your lawyer suggests. While some processes cannot be sped up, keeping your documents organized can reduce wasted time. Go to your lawyer with organized folders that contain your bank accounts, debt, savings accounts, assets, and other important financial information. This will allow your attorney to draft your declarations faster and easier.

Consider Seeing a Therapist for your Emotional Issues

Your family attorney may be compassionate and understanding; however, they only deal with your legal issues. Thus, you should work with someone who may a solution for your emotional issues. Keep in mind that your emotional troubles can cause you to make poor decisions that could be costly. So, if you want to save money on your divorce, it is best to go through it with a sound mind.

Reach a Mutual Agreement on Shared Property Items

Splitting small items in your household doesn’t have to be done in court. If possible, try to mutually divide household goods and furnishings, so you don’t have to spend money on a fight over them.

Don’t Switch Attorneys Mid-Divorce

Hiring a different attorney partway through the divorce process can have you spending more than you have to. A new attorney will need to spend time reviewing your case, check documents, and try to catch up. These amount to costs you would not have had if you have stuck to the same attorney.

Get your Assets Professionally Appraised

During a divorce, your income, debts, and assets will be calculated. Thus, you must hire an expert to appraise your assets and properties including business accounts, artwork, collectible, and other valuable items. By going to your lawyer with the appraisal already performed, you may be able to save time and money as well as keep your divorce on track.  

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