The History of Nose Job Surgery


The shape and size of a nose is mostly genetic, though the appearance could also have been changed through injury. Advances in modern medicine and cosmetic surgery mean that all noses can be changed to better suit a person’s facial profile or preference. While commonly referred to as a “nose job”, the treatment is known as a rhinoplasty and is a surgical procedure that requires a specialist clinic.

Rhinoplasty is available to any person that is healthy and over the age limit for specific countries. Some options of rhinoplasty abroad, such as Poland, have an age limit of 13. You can find out what rhinoplasty in Poland involves.

What is the History of the Treatment?

While crude nose surgery techniques have been used for several millennia to repair damaged noses, often from battle, it wasn’t until the late 1800s that purely cosmetic rhinoplasty was created. In the years following this, many advancements have been made in the field, with nose surgery becoming a common occurrence for the rich and famous.

Rhinoplasty is no longer an exclusive, costly procedure, now being far more widely available to anyone unhappy with their nose. There are now many options for treatment nationwide, as well as for rhinoplasty abroad.

What is the Process?Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that changes the shape and appearance of the nose. Most rhinoplasty surgery will take place with a form of anaesthesia, for patient comfort, this is followed by incisions to the target area of the nose, where bone and cartilage can be adjusted to fulfil the correct shape. The septum of the nose can be straightened, with the nostrils also being widened or closed for both breathing and appearance.

After the adjustments have been made, the incisions will be closed, with gauze being placed on the nose until it has healed. The time taken for the procedure is normally below 2 hours, with the recovery time being mostly between 1-2 weeks. Many techniques used will not leave any visible scars after the procedure. More information on the procedure can be found here.

Which Features can be Changed?Rhinoplasty can change many aspects of the nose’s appearance, including:– The profile of the nose across the bridge
– The width of the nose and of the nasal tip
– The size of the nose
– The size and shape of the nostrils


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