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The Importance of a Dental Exam and Cleaning



Do you remember the last time you went to the dentist for a dental exam and cleaning in Arlington? The American Dental Association recommends going for a dental exam and cleaning every six months for optimal oral health. Some patients require more frequent sessions than other people.

A dental exam and cleaning are extremely important in preventing major dental problems, like gum disease and tooth decay. If you have been procrastinating to see a dentist, read on to find out why you should book your appointment straight away!

 Many Parts of The Mouth are Out of Sight

Tooth decay is incredibly crafty. In fact, the early stages of gum disease are painless, but the advanced stage is extremely painful and may comprise of irreversible damage.

Undergoing a dental exam and cleaning allows the dentist to get an interior and exterior view of your teeth and gums. It is difficult to see all the parts of the mouth under the ordinary eye, but dentists or digital X-ray examiners have special tools for seeing everything. A visit to the dentist can help to prevent dire mouth issues.

Dental Examinations Evaluate More Than Just Your Teeth

During a dental exam, the dentist will not only look for cavities but will also do the following:

  •         Assess your gums
  •         Probe for gum disease symptoms
  •         Check for loose teeth
  •         Examine your oral tissue
  •         Evaluate the status of your tongue
  •         Measure your bite
  •         Take note of any physical indication of tooth decay
  •         Check whether you have broken teeth
  •         Assess potential damage to fillings
  •         Inspect any dental devices you may have
  •         Take digital X-rays

Screening for oral cancer is also a routine part of every dental check-up to ensure your mouth does not have lesions or regions of concern. Oral cancer is very rare, but it can progress drastically and is extremely life-threatening.

 Early Detection of Cavities

One of the biggest reasons for visiting a dentist at regular intervals is for early detection of cavities. Technological advancements are allowing dentists to identify cavities in the earliest stages to prevent enamel loss. Tiny cavities are treatable without the use of dentist shots or drills, while huge cavities create more need for dental work and permanent damage.

Removal of Plaque with High-Tech Equipment

The accumulation of plaque and tartar happens to everybody, and can’t be eliminated with a toothbrush alone. Excellent oral hygiene helps with preventing excessive accumulation. However, you will still need to go to the dentist, so that he or she can remove soft plaque with in-office tools. If left to thrive, soft plaque hardens on the teeth and irritates the gum tissue. When the build-up of plaque and tartar is not dealt with promptly, it can lead to gum disease.

Thorough Dental Cleaning

In-depth cleaning of the teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth is one of the most essential aspects of a routine dental checkup. Dental cleaning comprises of the following:

  •         Inspecting teeth and gum cleanliness
  •         Getting rid of plaque and tartar
  •         Flossing between the teeth
  •         Teeth polishing
  •         Reviewing suggested flossing and brushing methods
  •         Fluoride treatment to protect against tooth decay

From the points above, it is clear to see that having regular dental exams and cleanings are extremely important. They can help to prevent major oral problems, such as gum disease, and will help get rid of existing issues before they get out of hand. 


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