The Purpose of your Legs and the need to keep them Healthy


The primary purpose of your legs is to keep you upright and facilitate movement. It is also known that your legs can act as an indicator of your overall health. Complications like fractures and joint dislocations are known to be the common causes of unhealthy legs. Other leg conditions develop when you age up. Dr. Nirav Patel is a specialist in diagnosing, treating, and managing any leg and foot compilations. Below are some complications that can affect your legs.

The primary conditions that affect your legs

They include;

  • Varicose veins. Varicose veins are enlarged and twisted blood veins, and most of the time, they appear blue or dark purple. They occur when the valves in the vein do not work effectively. Varicose veins cause swelling of the leg, aching, and discomfort. It is vital to observe your leg regularly to note the presence of varicose veins disorder. The symptoms include swollen twisted veins at the back of your legs, which may appear dark or purple, aching legs, heavy legs during resting, and swollen ankles.

 Immediate treatment is required before the disorder becomes severe. Varicose veins can be treated through surgery. Severely affected veins are surgically removed from the legs. It is usually done through general anesthesia. Radiofrequency ablation is another way of treating varicose veins. It involves a small incision made above the ankle, and an ultrasound scan is used to thread a narrow tube into the veins.

  • Wound care. A wound is an injury that breaks the skin exposing internal parts. There are different types of wounds, which are;
  • Puncture. This is a type of wound that is caused by sharp stabbing objects.
  • Abrasion. It is a wound that is caused by scraping friction.
  • Incised wound. A clean, straight cut caused by a sharp edge

When you cause a wound to yourself, you need to get first aid as soon as possible. First aid helps to stop the bleeding and prevent bacteria from getting into the wound. The doctor will then dress the wound with disinfectant and a bandage for you to recover. Pain killers may be prescribed to relieve pain.

  • Diabetic foot pain. Diabetic neuropathy affects the nerve in your legs and feet. A high level of sugar in your body can increase the damage of nerves throughout the body. Symptoms may include tingling and burning sensation, foot infection such as joint pain, increased sensitivity to touch. Once you note this symptom, it is good to undergo treatment. Treatment procedures may include reducing the intake of sugar, antibiotics may be offered, and surgery to remove damaged tissues.

The following paragraph explains the reasons for keeping your legs and feet healthy.

The main reasons for keeping your legs and feet healthy

Healthy legs facilitate your movement, and they enable you to perform your daily activities. Keeping your legs healthy reduces the risk of getting severe disorders that can cause harm to your entire body. Healthy feet cannot incur diabetic neuropathy disorder hence having a chance of living a diabetic free life. Healthy legs and feet are a path to a healthy lifestyle.

It is vital to know the health conditions of your legs. Consulting the doctor for checkups and examinations is the critical step for a healthy lifestyle. Legs and feet disorders can bring severe issues in your body. Doing exercises and taking a healthy diet helps you keep off leg disorders. For more information, consult the Premier Vascular healthcare center.

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