Tips for preserving your health


Whether you are in good shape, ill, or remission, Patients come back to some tips to help you preserve your health. To consume without moderation.

Maintain your relationships with others and don’t forget to laugh

According to a doctor, health advice avoids toxic relationships but stay in touch with the people you love. Studies show that people with a very large circle of friends are sick less often than those with little human contact. Above all, don’t forget to laugh, because it affects your overall balance.

Do what you like!

In life, we do not do things what we wish for. We often repeat this phrase to those around us. Precisely because it is exact, you might as well take as much time as possible to do what you want. People who have gone through a chronic illness are often those who realize the importance of enjoying life by giving free rein to their passions (photography, music, dance, theater).

Manage your pressure and listen to your feelings

Restraining your emotions weakens our health. It is essential to welcome them, to identify them, and to comprehend them. Those prone to stress, know that meditation, relaxation, and yoga can be of great help. Above all, avoid conditions that cause this stress as much as possible.

Make your mind work

This helps maintain memory and avoid the risk of being affected by certain pathologies, such as Alzheimer’s. Constantly learn, read, and discover new things….

Take care of your food balance.

We are told it very often, and yet we do not respect it enough: our health is on the plate. Eliminate excess amounts of fat and salt. Prefer fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and lean fish. Pay attention to the origin of your dishes, and as much as possible, try to prepare them yourself. Your heart will be stronger, your brain will function better, and you will feel lighter, if you intake healthy food. Take doctor health advice regarding your food schedule. 

Drink a lot of water

Drink soda only in very exceptional ways. Quenching your thirst with water throughout the day allows you to both hydrate and feel less hunger.

Opt for physical activity

If the gym turns you off, nothing stops you from getting a bit of a walk every day, going for a run around your home, or swimming in the pool. By strengthening your body, you will consume more calories even when you are at rest. Never go beyond your possibilities and surround yourself with the advice of a doctor if you are ill.

Sleep well

Physical exercise will improve the quality of your sleep, one of the keys to good health. Adults should sleep take at least 7 hrs sleep; children between 9 to 10 hrs. Prefer a dark room and silence in room during sleep, because light has harmful effects on your sleep.

Stay away from addictions.

Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol are all addictions that ruin your health. On a different note, addiction to games or social networks is not healthy for your mental health.

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