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What are the noted threats to the teen teeth?


If you are a parent, you must be worried about the oral health of your kid, especially their teeth. Therefore, it becomes essential to maintain their smile. And, in the process, you need to keep them away from some threats that probably affect the teen’s teeth directly. You can even take the help of family dentist Newbury Park to achieve better results.

  • Dental cavities

Cavities seem to be the most prevalent disease that affects not only your children’s teeth but your teeth as well. But, there is nothing to get worried as this condition is completely preventable. For this, the kids must avoid drinking and eating high quantity of sugar, adding high fiber vegetables and fruits in their diet and advisable to brush their teeth twice. Even they should opt for flossing at least once per day. Opt for regular oral health check-ups every six months for getting a beautiful smile.

  • Sports injuries

Kids like to play games and in same they sometimes lose their teeth. Hence, the mouth protectors here play a significant role in minimizing the risk of breaking teeth, having cut on tongue, cheek and lips. If young athletes don’t wear them, they might become susceptible to jaw damage.

  • Nicotine and tobacco

It has been found that most of the children start taking nicotine and tobacco in their teens only. These are known to cause harm to their teeth and eve leads to oral cancer, delayed healing process and periodontal disease. They also suffer from stinking mouth, stained teeth and gums that directly affect their smile. So, it is important to take care that your children shouldn’t consume them at all.

The conclusion

The family dentist Newbury Park can help every parent in treating every dental disease from which your children is going through. Book an appointment and gift your kid a smile to kill.


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