What Drives The Korean Skincare Industry


Korean skincare has been a buzzword in the industry over the past decade. As Korea’s influence on music and entertainment industries rose, so did its exportation of its tremendously successful skincare products. Suddenly, everyone in the world was caught up in the Korean skincare hype train, fascinated with the amazingly beautiful yet naturally looking skin that Koreans were shown to have.

What has allowed the Korean skincare industry to thrive and evolve so far ahead of its competitors? How is it that Korean skincare Singapore products have found so much favour amongst Singaporeans? In this article, we take a look at the environment that it grew up in and the factors that pushes it ahead.

The Korean Consumer

Simply put, Koreans are a few of the most demanding beauty consumers in the world. And while those dizzying criteria are tiring, they’re specifically what keep the Korean beauty industry endeavoring to keep up.

In addition to that, Korean customers have a voracious hunger for skin care, which subsequently helps finance extensive R&D. With thousands of beauty brands all contending for a piece of the pie, the result is a Hyper-competitive, exceptionally ingenious market that’s at the center of the beauty world.

Natural Look

Having healthy and balanced, soft, and natural skin was thought about to be one of the most attractive as it reveals attributes of modesty and carefulness to constitute inner beauty.

Women from working class families did not roam much from looking natural while using light quantities of natural and spontaneous makeup rather than thick make-up which prevailed in other parts of Asia such as Japan and China.

Based on tradition, Koreans just used harsh-free and natural ingredients to create the clear, glowy, and natural-looking skin via several generations that made K-Beauty products much better and so preferred today.

Natural Korean makeup can still be crafted today for individuals to try in the house by developing your very own face mask.

Today, Korean face masks are constructed from cotton pads that have been soaked and infused with active and natural skin-rejuvenating ingredients.

With these ingredients, the dampness secures onto your skin to assist maintain your skin soft and hydrating the whole day.

Korean Beauty Brands

Today, Korean beauty business continue their search for perfect skin by integrating centuries-old expertise with new and ingenious, advanced innovations. Their continued and relentless research has led to advance inventions that are now made use of and liked worldwide– hello, BB Cream, anyone?

Thanks to a competitive market, the Korean beauty market continues pressing to surpass their current progress, providing new products at small cost in spite of the high-grade ingredients. With each innovative breakthrough, they get closer and nearer to complexion excellence. And an added bonus? The packaging is flawless and always beautiful, too.

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