COVID-19 has interfered dramatically with the practice of religion as well as social interaction bringing the lives of millions to a standstill. With the outbreak of the pandemic Coronavirus which is also known as COVID-19, the health system of the entire globe has turned out to be disastrous with a standstill in the economic growth of the world. The curve of affected individuals is increasing with each passing day. The mortality rate is also rising. To get away with the disastrous condition, all of us need to maintain the social distancing and avoiding close contact along with the usage of masks and sanitizers as there is no particular vaccination or proper medication available yet for its cure. 

The KN95 Mask China passes the fit testing which is a critical component to the respiratory program of protection. The masks have successfully passed the initial respirator fit test to identify the best suitable model, size respirator, and style for each individual. The most important thing which is required to be checked for each individual for using the KN95 Mask is a user seal check each time an individual puts it on. You need to be very careful that the facial hair at the sealing area of the respirator does not cause any leakage. 

Wuhan in China is recognized as the birthplace of this disease. The KN95 Mask made in China has been distributed all over the world to protect individuals from the infected small droplets of the virus affected individuals. The KN95 respirators or masks are considered functionally equivalent to certain regulators of respiration. The masks are designed in such a way that it has excellent filter efficiency and flow rate. It gives protection from ninety-five percent of the airborne diseases. The KN95 Masks which are made in China require a fine mesh of synthetic polymer fibers, exclusively a non-woven polypropylene fabric. It is produced by a specialized process of melt blowing. It forms the innermost layer of filtration that filters out the injurious and hazardous particles of dust. 

The KN95 Mask China or the respirators which are designed has successfully undergone a medical evaluation before usage as there are chances of facing breathing difficulty whenever you put it on. Some of the major ailments which could prevent the use of respirators among the individuals themselves are those who are already having ailing heart conditions or individuals who are suffering from lung diseases and certain psychological conditions like claustrophobia. For such affected individuals, however, the alternative option to the usage of masks is a powered air-purifying respirator.

Finally, we need to learn the lesson which is taught by this Novel Corona Virus that human life is so brittle, and it can crumple down even by a minute virus, which is not visible at all by the human naked-eye. Hence, we must let go of the hatred that we were carrying this far and must admire, respect, and love one another. Let us all promise ourselves to become Novel Human Beings walking down the lane to create a healthy Earth. 

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