What is the major difference between 3D/4D/5D Ultrasound?


Ultrasound technology is based on the usage of high-frequency sound waves. By using these waves, we can capture images inside the human body. It is similar to the technology used to detect ships in water and airplanes in the air. Ultrasound scanning is widely used to detect the growth of the fetus in pregnant ladies. With the new generation 4D and 5D technologies, it is possible to record videos of the moving babies very clearly.

3D ultrasound 

With the advancement in technology, mothers have access to 3D and above advanced ultrasound systems. Medical professionals will be able to understand and assess the fetus’s performance inside the mother’s womb with the help of ultrasound scanning.

In between the 24 and 26th week of pregnancy, 3D ultrasound scanning can be suggested. Three-dimensional images of baby can be captured using 3D ultrasound. At this stage, the facial features of the baby can be identified.

Before going to the ultrasound test, the mother should drink plenty of water. The quality of pictures is based upon the fluids present in the stomach. If you can take little food before going to the test, the baby will be active, and you will get better pictures.

By using 3D ultrasound, defects like cleft lips and skeletal defects can be easily identified. Even though the baby’s growth can be monitored, it will be difficult to assess health. You will get a static 3D image that contains the fetal structure and internal body organs.

With 3D, you will get better images than traditional 2D ultrasound systems.

4D ultrasound 

3D ultrasound delivers the same features as that of 4D ultrasound. However, you will get added advantage of live streaming. It is possible to get a precise understanding of the fetal heart and valve functionality. The technician can show you the flow of blood through various organs of the fetus.

Doctors advise 4D to study the moving organs of the Baby Ultrasound Perth inside the mother’s womb. If the mother wants to experience the fetal organs’ unusual movement, the physician suggests 4D ultrasound. 4D ultrasound is not available with every clinic or hospital. It is present at specialized testing facilities only.

5D ultrasound 

The quality of 5D ultrasound images will be exceptional. A pregnant lady can undergo 5D ultra between 31 and 35 weeks as per the physician’s direction. The image clarity will be good. Hence, you can preserve them in your image gallery.

With the full anatomy Ultrasound Perth, the technician will be able to visualize the alignment of the vertebrae. The skin should cover the spine properly. If there is any defect, it can be noticed with these images. Further, 5D ultrasound helps in understanding bladder functionality. The growth of two kidneys can also be noticed.

In addition to 5D ultrasound, 2D ultrasound will also be done to the pregnant lady between 37 and 42 weeks. It helps in the estimation of fetal weight. 5D ultrasound, which is also called as HD Live, enables live streaming of the scan information. You can record the data into a Compact Drive or Pen Drive. The mother can preserve the visuals throughout her life.

With 5D ultrasound, the mother can find the flesh tone of the fetus.


All types of ultrasound tests are intended to check the growth and health of the baby. From the traditional 2D to the 5D ultrasound, there is a great advancement in technology. The current generation of parents is fortunate to go through the baby’s well-being in a live view. The images and video quality of 5D are far superior to any other technology.


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