What Makes Magnetic resonance imaging So Important


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the main imaging methods to choose when dealing with injuries to the musculoskeletal system but also spinal injuries and tumors, which is due to two main characteristics: first, it provides a clear image that allows to differentiate soft tissues (such as tendons, muscle, menisci, joints and other organs) with respect to hard tissue (bones and foreign bodies). Secondly, NMR does not emit ionizing radiation since, unlike computed tomography or CT, since magnetic resonance imaging equipment uses a magnet that generates a constant magnetic field that allows the hydrogen ions of the patient’s body to be aligned.

  • Therefore, it does not require contrast media or interventions that affect the patient. Despite these benefits, caution should be used when using metal items, such as jewelry or prosthetics, which should be avoided before the procedure and reported to the health professional in charge.
  • The main uses of MRI are in pathologies of the musculoskeletal system such as arthritis, fractures (in patients who cannot undergo X-rays), muscle tears, integrity of the spine in post-traumatic situations, joint injuries such as chondromalacia , among many others.

Within this list, the most explored areas with MRI are pathologies associated with the shoulder (such as tendinitis and tear to the rotator cuff), hip and knee (such as chondromalacia and patellar tendinitis). In this way, MRI is widely used in injuries associated with sports and physical activity but also with growth and aging. However, it is also useful for diagnosing infections and tumors such as osteomyelitis or tumors involving bones, muscle, and other soft tissues. You can click here for more information on the same.

How important is MRI?

It is one of the most important diagnostic methods of all conceived so far. The importance is given to it because it is not an invasive method and it is not necessary to apply radiation to obtain the images, and the second is due to the comfort of the patient and the reliability of the procedures.

What does 3 tesla digital resonance provide?

The 3 Tesla resonance, the one we have in this service, is a fully digitized resonance, with which we have three aspects that are important to review. The first is the comfort of the patient since the procedures last very little time. The second would be the reliability in terms of image, and the third also linked to the comfort of the patient, is that we have seen that in this resonance there is practically no significant impediment in the rest of the resonances, which is the complete absence of claustrophobia. .

MRI plays a very important role in diagnosis and treatment planning, mainly for pathologies that affect the anatomical areas mentioned above. It is vitally important that you have a magnetic resonance imaging equipment in any health center or medical consultation, mainly due to the increasing concern for a healthy life, practicing sports and physical activity.

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