What You Can Do To Lower Blood Sugar Levels?


When your body cannot effectively transfer sugar from your blood to your body cells, you stand the risk of developing high blood sugar levels. If this goes unchecked, it may cause diabetes. Here are some natural means by which you can keep your blood sugar levels under control.

Regular exercise

Getting into a regular exercise routine helps you lose weight and increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin. The latter here means that the capacity of your body cells to use the sugar in your bloodstream increases. Your muscles also perform better at using blood sugar for muscle contraction and energy.

Keeping a check on your carb intake

The carbs that you consume are broken down into sugars (mainly glucose). Insulin then transports the sugars into your cells. Eating too many carbs or having insulin function issues makes this process fail and raises your blood glucose levels. However, a low-carb diet brings down blood sugar levels and checks spikes in blood sugar. Also, you can opt for diabetes supplements that lower blood sugar.                                                                           

Add more fiber to your diet

The processes of digestion of carbs and absorption of sugar are slowed down by the fiber you consume. This fosters a slower rise in blood sugar levels. Of the two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble, the former has been demonstrated to reduce blood sugar levels. Fiber-rich foods include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that will help you to provide more fiber to your body.

Keep your body well hydrated

Drinking plenty of water and non-calorific beverages will make it easier for your kidneys to remove the excess blood sugar via urine.

Go for foods with low glycemic index

How your body’s blood sugar responds to carb-containing food is measured by a quantity called glycemic index. It is recommended that you consume foods low in glycemic index levels to reduce long-term blood sugar levels. Examples of such foods are meat, seafood, barley, lentils, oats, corn and yams.

It is also important that you control your stress levels as it affects your blood sugar levels.

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