Why Contemporary Women’s Care is the Answer to All Your Pregnancy Needs and Questions


Whether it is your first time to get pregnant or not, you may have a lot of questions and very few answers as you do everything to ensure your newborn is delivered safely. You need to consult the services of obstetrics and gynecological specialists. Pamela Snook, MD, FACOG, and her team at Contemporary Women’s Care will guide you during your pregnancy. At the practice based in Lake Nona and Winter Park, pregnancy is given special attention to ensure you deliver safely.

What You May Have Missed about Contemporary Women’s Care

Contemporary Women’s Care is a practice dedicated to providing obstetric and gynecological care to women from all forms of backgrounds in Winter Park and Lake Nona, Florida. If you face reproductive issues or any other unique women’s health issues, please visit the clinic. The affordability of the services at the practice makes it even more attractive.

Boasting of an all-women team of doctors and other staff, Contemporary Women’s Care offers personalized, empathetic, and compassionate health care to patients. Some of the services provided at the practice include:

  •   STI testing
  •   Pap smears
  •   Pregnancy services
  •   3D and 4D ultrasounds
  •   Gynecological care
  •   Birth control
  •   Infertility treatments
  •   Postpartum care
  •   Minimally invasive surgeries, e.g., hysterectomies
  •   Menopause care

Contemporary Women’s Care is one of the few practices in the greater Orlando area offering obstetric and gynecological care. Its team of specialist doctors are affiliated with the Dr. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park, Florida Hospital, Orlando Health Hospital networks, and Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies.

Call the office today via the online platform and get quality women’s health care if you are pregnant or face any other complications.

Everything You Need to Know about Health Care during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most remarkable things to happen to a woman. Since a lot happens to her body and even mind when she is carrying a baby, the first visit you should make to Contemporary Women’s Care should be two weeks after conceiving. Many times, pregnancies can be healthy, and babies delivered safely. Still, some factors usually make pregnancy high-risk, and that is why you should visit the team of professionals at the practice.

The team at the practice offer services ranging from prenatal care, childbirth classes, and lactation services to ensure you deliver a healthy baby. Apart from medical care, the team offers counseling and other forms of support to guide you through pregnancy.

4 Common Causes of High-Risk Pregnancies

Not all pregnancies are considered normal since complications do occur, and they may threaten the health or even life of you and your baby. At Contemporary Women’s Care, all those issues are put into perspective, and effective interventions are applied. Some of the factors that may make a pregnancy high-risk include:

  •   If you are carrying more than one baby
  •   If you have a history of high-risk pregnancy
  •   If you are a young teenager or over 35
  •   If you suffer from chronic diseases, e.g., HIV

Avoid any complications later in your pregnancy by scheduling visits to the clinic so that intervention comes early. Contemporary Women’s Care is very affordable, considering the quality of women’s health care they provide; they also accept a wide range of insurance plans. Call the office today to get the best healthcare during your pregnancy!

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