Why Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates Are Your Best Fit


From 1978, Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC medical group has been in service of addressing a host of behavioral and mental health care needs to families, couples, and individuals in Merrimack valley. Under the leadership of Ronald P Winfield, MD, the compassionate team of experts provides collective treatment schedules for anxiety disorders, depression, and other advocacies; promoting psycho-education and prevention plans to cater to each patient’s specific needs across all ages from the youth to the elderly. For more information and consultations on these health resolving services, call the office or get an appointment using the online tool today.


They have been working hard to help their patients achieve outstanding health results by empowering them to live self-sufficient, productive, and fulfilling lives. The team of service providers significantly addresses many health disorders applying their experience and training specialties to a more significant extent of therapeutic techniques.

  • Counseling services – Specialists in guiding and counseling provide these immediate to nature concerns. Counseling enhances relationship conflicts, work and school challenges, multicultural matters, grief counseling, and other related issues.
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Services – Are non-pharmacological innovative treatment services for patients with depression, yet not benefiting from antidepressant and psychotherapy treatment. It is the best alternative for patients who experience medication side effects thus do not tolerate the antidepressant medication. TMS is an effective, safe, non-systematic, and non-invasive treatment for Major Depressive Disorder. TMS works on a regulatory mood response of magnetic pulses to stimulate the brain through the skull. The pulses stimulate the brain neurons, resulting in electrical currents that boost neurotransmitters’ release by activating the neurons. Gradually, TMS treatment increases neurotransmission by changing the brain’s neural activity, causing a decrease in depression.
  • Psychiatric services – In this department, geriatric patients and adults receive progressing medication management and psychiatric diagnostic evaluations. The team unanimously works to give recommendations on therapy and medication documentation that best suits the patient based on your condition, family, and medical background. The service providers work in conjunction with the patient to make informed decisions concerning the treatment.
  • Psychotherapy services – To enhance an individual patient’s sense of self and quality of life, our behavioral therapists work to alleviate the mental health requirements of couples, families, and individual patients.
  • Pharmacogenetic testing services – Evade trial and error prescription, possibly reducing the patient’s time to get better. Pharmacogenetic testing assists the clinicians in making effective prescriptive resolutions that are personal to each patient. The tests also help in determining the right drug and dosage.


Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC, have two medical offices for a practice located in North Chelmsford, MA. The medical group is specialized in psychiatry, clinical psychology, Certified Clinical Nurse Specialists (Cns), and Clinical Social Workers.

At Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, we provide practice for patients in Southern New Hemisphere, Pelham, Worcester, Lowell, and the neighboring regions. For an evaluation plan, consultations, or to learn more, contact the office today through call or book an online tool appointment.

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