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Why It Is Essential For You to Attend Regular Dental Cleanings


Most people think that they will save money by skipping regular tooth cleaning sessions. However, they do not just risk dental illnesses but also other health issues like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In fact, restoration procedures are more expensive than preventive care. Doctors recommend that we brush our teeth and least twice a day and floss once a day. Even with such care, you may not take out all the plaque. David Shouhed DDS is a qualified dentist who deals with all oral procedures, including dental cleaning. Book an online appointment today. Below are the main benefits of professional teeth cleaning:

They brighten your smile

Over time, your teeth may become stained, especially if you are a coffee lover. The accumulation of such stains is hard to remove by regular brushing. Teeth cleaning will remove the stubborn stains and help you regain the confidence to smile again in public.

Cleaning eliminates bad breath

Even with regular brushing and flossing, you may still experience bad breath. This is because the toothbrush does not remove the plaque that builds up deep in the unreachable areas. Visiting the dentist regularly for professional cleaning will solve this problem for you. This benefit is not just for you but also for everyone around you.

Prevents tooth loss

As discussed, brushing will not remove the plaque buildup entirely. With time, you may develop gum disease that advances to damage the area supporting your tooth. Gum disease increases the chances of teeth loosening and falling out. Luckily, the problem can easily be prevented by visiting a dentist at least twice a year for dental cleaning.

Improves overall health

Oral problems affect the mouth and the entire body’s health. Most people do not realize this and end up going soft on their hygiene. Inflammation that occurs due to gum disease increases the risk of a heart attack by hardening arteries in the body. The dentist will most likely detect other illnesses such as diabetes and kidney problems in your regular cleaning appointments. Therefore, preventive care will benefit both your mouth and overall body.

Saves on cost

The cost of tooth cleanings compared to restorative procedures like cavity filling is lower by a significant amount. If you wait until the cavities begin to develop, you will likely pay more in the future. Also, paying for dental implants when your teeth start to loosen is more expensive.

Helps to manage cancer

According to statistics, approximately one person living in America dies every hour due to oral cancer. If you attend sessions at least twice a year with your dentist, they will detect it early before it progresses to begin treatment. Otherwise, if you stay away for too long, you may realize the problem when it is too late.

During a dental cleaning session, the specialist carefully performs a full oral exam to check for any oral disease or tooth decay signs. Then, they perform thorough cleaning in areas where the toothbrush may not reach. If they find a problem, treatment begins. For additional questions and treatment of any oral concern, book an appointment online with Smile Perfector Dental Group.

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