Why Podiatrists are Important in the Society


A podiatrist refers to a foot doctor. This medic treats essential parts of the human body such as the ankle, the foot and other parts that connect the leg to the body. We’ll get to see some of the health conditions that such experts help to cure.

Common Conditions that Foot Doctors Treat

Nowadays podiatrist treats several conditions such as;

  • Sports injuries; if you sustain a foot injury while playing, you have no reason to worry. A podiatrist will come in handy in treating you to prevent any infection. If you sustain a huge injury, the doctor won’t mind evaluating the wound to determine the right treatment.
  • Bunions; these refer to any form of deformity of the foot, such as a swollen bump. Experts say that bunions may stem from genetics and other causes such as wearing undersized shoes. A foot doctor will help you to manage the condition and relieve excessive pain.
  • Calluses; a callus refers to a condition in which the skin thickens due to friction. People mostly get it for wearing undersize or poorly fitting shoes. The thickening may be even worse when wearing such shoes for long and trek for a long distance.
  • Smelly feet; sometimes, smelly feet may be a worrisome condition. Please consult a doctor to get the right medication. In most cases, the doctor may recommend an antiperspirant to remedy excessive sweating.
  • Innate toenails; in-grown toenail is a medical condition in which the nails tend to grow into your toe. The terrible news is that this medical condition is excruciating hence the need to visit a foot doctor. The medic may recommend medication such as paracetamol to ease too much pain.
  • Heel pain; if you experience excruciating pain on your heel, it may be prudent to visit a podiatrist. He or she may prescribe some medication such as painkillers to ease the pain. In some cases, the doctor may refer you to a dermatologist if they discover the condition is skin-related. Patients with such conditions should consider wearing comfortable shoes to ease the pain. Additionally, they can try out a stretching exercise to target the heel muscles.
  • Foot blisters; if you’ve ever had a blister, you know how painless it is. However, that is no reason to ignore the condition. In most cases, this condition stems from friction. For instance, if you walk for a long distance, you create too much friction between your feet and the shoes. Kindly visit the doctor for treatment. Most likely, the doctor will drain the fluid from the affected area. After that, they’ll examine the fluid to determine the right medication.

Signs of a Serious Foot Condition

People must visit a foot doctor if they observe any of the following signs and symptoms. Such signs include;

  • Smelly feet; if your feet stink badly every time you put on closed shoes, you must visit a doctor. That could be a sign of a condition known as smelly feet.
  • Blisters; if you notice a pocket of fluid on your legs or any other body part, it’s time you sought a podiatrist. He or she will examine the fluid after draining it to determine the right medication for you.
  • Toe or foot Pain; if you experience too much pain on the toes, it may be important for you to visit a doctor. It’s especially important if you notice other signs such as the thickening of the skin in the affected area.
  • Too much itchy feeling; if you experience too much itching, it may be wise to visit a doctor. In some cases, this could be a sign of tinea pedis.

In conclusion, never ignore any medical condition. Most people hold on until it gets too late. That’s when they rush to the foot doctor. Some foot conditions can easily be treated at the initial stages. For this reason, if you notice any problem such as smelly feet don’t hesitate to book an appointment with a podiatrist.

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