5 Reasons for Wearing a Mask


The decision to wear a mask has become popular among the people ever since the Covid 19 pandemic has set out. Covid 19 is a serious disease that is transmitted through respiratory droplets. To lower down the spread of the disease, many health organizations have recommended the use of masks.

Children who are less than 2 years of age and people who have a breathing problem should refrain from wearing a mask. If your respiratory issue is the acute ad you are not able to breathe through the facemask, you should stay at home and not expose yourself to risk. For fragile people, Covid 19 can hurt the health and can even be fatal. 

Why Should You Wear A Mask?

Here are the 5 reasons why masks are important looking at the current scenario:

  • Reduce The Transmission Of The Virus – The cloth coverings or the masks can reduce viral transmission by about 70%. If they are worn correctly and everyone agrees to wear them, they can be the best barrier to stop the respiratory droplets from travelling into the air.
  • Prevent Asymptomatic Spread – All the types like N95, surgical, cloth, and FFP2 face mask can stop the asymptomatic spread of the disease. It is said that 50% of the transmission happens before you can realize the Covid 19 symptoms. Masks will prevent you from unknowingly spreading the infection with others.
  • Protecting Others – As per the researchers, masks will be effective when it becomes a communal effort. When you wear a mask, you are not only protecting yourself but also the others around you. You will refrain from transmitting any kind of disease to others.
  • Some States Have Made It Mandatory – Some states have made it mandatory to wear a mask. Even some of the shops, restaurants, and other institutions have made it a norm. In such cases, whether you like it or not, you would have to wear the mask. Covid cases have significantly dropped because of wearing a mask.
  • Maintain Hygiene – Earlier all the medical professionals were wearing a mask to protect themselves from illness and germs. In general, a mask can protect you from bacteria, droplets, and dust particles. Hence, it helps to maintain simple hygiene, especially in a high-risk scenario.

FFP2 mask manufacturer adheres to the strict guidelines while making the mask. You can find different varieties of masks on the market. Make sure to pick those, which have the best fit and can protect you efficiently.


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