Dental Health is very crucial to not only our appearance but also to our health. When we miss a tooth or a gum disease, we need to take care of it urgently. Whether you are getting Porcelain Veeners Toronto or a gum cleaning procedure, the trip to your dentist can help you rejuvenate your smile and self-confidence. Getting a single tooth implant can help you to achieve the goal. If you have a couple of teeth missing, then the treatment to replace them would depend on the situation. One of the most significant advantages of opting for implants is that they look natural and are very durable.

What Are the Advantages of a single tooth implant?

If it has been recommended to you that you need to undergo a single tooth implant, then you must know the advantages of it. One of the most significant benefits of a single tooth implant is that it safeguards the healthy teeth from damage. If only one tooth is missing, it is crucial that you undergo this procedure as it will help maintain the well-being of the rest of the teeth, which surround the missing teeth.

How does it work?

The size of each tooth is not the same for all. It differs from person to person. The measurements of the missing tooth are taken. Based on these measurements, the single tooth implant is designed, which will take the place of the natural tooth and the root. This also helps to preserve the bones, which is present in the gums. Having a single dental implant in place instead of the missing tooth helps keep the intact and healthy. It also helps to maintain a sense of comfort as the tooth is permanently fixed to the jaw, which means there is no movement. However, this is not the case with dentures as dentures do move around. Getting an implant has no adverse effect on your oral and dental health.

Why is it essential to get an implant?

Once you have lost a tooth, it is essential that you fill the void of the missing tooth as soon as possible. The gap which is left behind by the missing tooth puts you at the risk of losing the ability to chew food and other issues like overcrowding and even future tooth loss. There is also a sense of discomfort after you have lost a tooth. In case there are several missing teeth, you may even have an impaired speech due to that. Once you lose a tooth, it is essential that you have that missing tooth replaced as soon as possible as it puts your healthier teeth at the risk of decay. Sometimes replacing the missing teeth might also give you your smile back, which might impact your self-confidence. Once the implant has been put in, it will restore functionality, and you would be able to eat and speak properly. 


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