An Overview of the Cookie Diet — What is It?


If you’ve only recently heard about the cookie diet, then you’re probably curious to know how it works. After all, a cookie isn’t something that you’ll typically see when looking up diet recommendations for weight loss.

The truth is that the cookie diet isn’t actually new at all and has been around for over 30 years. The idea is to have dieters restrict their intake to just six cookies a day to suppress hunger. You then end the day with a lean and high-protein meal (dinner).

Of course, before you ask where to buy a cookie diet to get started with the program, you might want to learn a thing or two about what the diet entails.

What is in these cookie diets?

The cookies themselves are a unique secret mix that loads a powerful punch of amino acids. These amino acids are low in calories, yet make the person feel full after only one cookie. The good doctor’s diet plan features other tasty deals with such as shakes and soups (not cookie soups) to assist in suppressing hunger throughout the day.

The cookie diet plan works in conjunction with your current diet. So you are not supposed to munch on these cookies throughout the day. They are there to hold you over up until it is time for your next huge meal. Many concerns have been raised about both the effectiveness and the nutritional aspect of the diet plan.

One thing to consider is that diet cookies for weight loss are different from that of a regular cookie. They have unique ingredients designed to curb appetite without making a person fat. In reality, the cookies themselves are not that low in calories (around 540), but the makeup of the cookie is built to help the dieter surpass the day without snacking or eating big meals.

When on the cookie diet, you are expected to consume just one meal (supper). This can be chicken, fish, or another low-carb, high-protein meal with some veggies.

The secret to making the diet plan work is to stick consistently to these individual cookies throughout the day. The diet strictly restricts you from consuming any other food consisting of carbohydrates throughout the day.

Are the cookies diets effective?

There has been some criticism of the diet plan; some critics say that the diet is not balanced enough, being as how you are only consuming carbs in the form of a cookie. The cookies in the diet plan are, in fact, quite nutritious and are filled with numerous nutrients and fiber.

Of course, a cookie diet is not a quick fix to a weight problem that people have been struggling with for most of their lives. As such, you should not expect a lasting change in your weight and overall quality of life through these cookies alone.

Attempting to reduce your appetite with this diet so you can get away with just one meal a day is not going to ensure you drop weight and stay healthy permanently. That said, the cookie diet can help jump start your path towards a healthy and moderated lifestyle that will benefit your overall health in the long term.

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