Five Tips To Manage Your Diet (with Diabetes):


1. Eat healthy snacks such as unsalted nuts, dried unsweetened fruits, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables (I love snacking on fresh red pepper and cucumber), and dark chocolate (I would limit it to two squares). A little side story: my biggest downfall was when I started at the University: I constantly eat unhealthy snacks because I didn’t take my time to classify which foods are unhealthy. Many people struggle with the same issue, but getting into a habit of healthy snacking is vital to diabetes care.

2. More wholemeal carbohydrates and less white flour. This is an important part of your diet because it has a big impact on your weight loss; in fact, most diets focus on this point and have been successful. If you’ve never had wholemeal (especially stoneground wholemeal), you wouldn’t have known that it has more flavour and is a healthier option than white flour.

There is a variety of wholemeal in your local supermarket, keep in mind that fresh bread with the least preservatives or added ingredients can benefit you the most.

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3. Cocktails are high in sugar, stop drinking it! Do you know how much sugar, colourants, and preservatives are in it? I have a lot of practice going out and not drinking cocktails when I was a student (it wasn’t easy but I got through it). But if you can’t help yourself, then I would suggest drinking Malibu Rum and Diet Coke. Malibu Rum contains 16.3g of sugar 1 serving of 2.5 fluid ounce and Diet Coke has none. Don’t drink too much, moderation is key.

When you’re in a restaurant and you cannot resist the temptation; drink red wine. Red wine contains antioxidants that keep your heart healthy, you must follow the recommended amount of one glass a day.

4. Cook more fruits and vegetables. Our body needs an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals; fruits and vegetables are the best sources. There are many ways to cook vegetables but I find that either raw or steamed is suitable; you can enjoy its benefits with either method.

5. Our body weight is 60% WATER. Drink more of it! According to the U.S. Geological Survey, Water has the ability to dissolve many substances, therefore, allowing our cells to use the valuable nutrients, minerals, and chemicals in biological processes. Managing your diet means that you are also keeping yourself hydrated every day. Work your way up to 8 glasses a day, by adding a glass every few days or so.

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