The Vegan Diet: Top 5 Healthy Tips of Eating Right When Pregnant


Regardless of your reasons of choosing to be a vegetarian, you might wonder if its right doing it when pregnant. The fact is, during your pregnancy, proper nutrition is very important. You will not only need enough for two but you also have to eat the right food. Even without eating meat, there are various ways you can get the right nutrients. You don’t have to complicate things. Ensure you eat healthy food and varied vegan diet. Here are 5 healthy tips of eating right during pregnancy. 

  • Get Enough Proteins

Becoming a vegetarian means that the foods you eat does not contain meat. Vegans don’t eat products like fish, eggs, dairy products and meat. These products are vital for the body since they are the greatest sources of protein. That means you ought to find plant-based sources of protein to replace these ones. Your baby needs proteins to grow and develop. So, eat products rich in proteins like legumes, while grains, nuts, and soy products. Since you may experience fatigue most of the times, take protein supplements containing Beta-Alanine to keep you energized and improve brain health. 

  • Eat Sufficient Vegetables

You don’t necessarily need to eat processed food. Visit your grocery store often for fresh vegetables. Vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals that your baby needs. Vegetables have low calories level and high fiber to keep you full. Great meals don’t have to contain meat. You can get satisfied by eating fresh vegetables. 

  • Mix Food Varieties

Eating the same food can be a bit boring. So, to avoid falling off the wagon, eat varieties. This will ensure you have a balanced diet. You can combine beans for proteins with leafy greens for vitamin K, C and A. Eat berries, red tomatoes, Irish potatoes, orange sweet potatoes and more. Mix different varieties for proper nutrition. Try looking for ideas and cook your best.

  • Don’t Assume Vegan Products are all Healthy

Even if you are eating plant-based food, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every product will be healthy. For instance, processed vegetarian food products contain saturated fats that are not good for your body. The best thing is to stick to whole grains and nutritious foods like nuts, dried fruits and carrots. If you can, avoid processed food products at all costs. Don’t justify any food to be healthy just because it is vegan. 

  • Get Sufficient Omega-3

When eating strictly vegan diet, you may find it difficult to get some nutrients. For instance, if your food does not include eggs or fish, you may be lacking Omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for heart health, brain and eye development. These aspects are crucial, not only for you but also for your growing baby too. So, you will have to eat specific products like walnuts, soy, Canola oil, and more to get these elements. You can also take supplements for this gain.

In Conclusion

When you become a vegan, it means you cut off meat and any other animal product and start eating vegetables and fruits. So, whatever you do, confirm that your meal is balanced. Your baby needs all the nutrients you can get. Since this is a delicate period, ensure you watch your diet for both you and your baby.


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