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How to cope with an allergy

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Allergy season might not be the only time you become a sneezing mess as other factors such as pet dander, and flower pollen could trigger your allergies. Although medications can help deal with allergies, you can practice some unique techniques that prevent allergies. Before resorting to the at-home techniques to handle your allergy, it is wise to get allergy testing in Fort Worth near you to know the triggers that cause your allergies. After learning the triggers that predispose you to allergies, you can take these precautions to cope well with your condition.

Keep Clean

If your allergy is attributed to pollen or dust, you can keep yourself from these pollutants. Blooming trees and pollen grains can settle on your hair, and it could help if you showered after exposing yourself to pollinating flowers. It is wise to wash your hair while showering before heading to bed to avoid contaminating your bed and letting pollutants settle in.

Wear a Mask

You might feel out of place with your mask when walking in the field, but it helps reduce contamination from allergens from seasonal trees. Masks will work well if you have seasonal allergies, and a filter mask works well when visiting a farmers’ market as it keeps the allergens from the nose and mouth.

Control Dust Mites

Dust mites might thrive in your home if the house is warm and humid. You can reduce humidity and keep the house cool to limit the dust mites. You can use a hygrometer to regulate humidity levels to send the mites away from your home. You should ensure you put your pillows and mattresses in encasement and wash the covers in hot water to kill the mites.

Prevent Molds

Indoor molds will thrive in humid and warm weather, and they can hide in walls, corners, and under the carpets. Unfortunately, the molds can propagate and spread quickly and fly in your home, leading to severe allergy outbreaks. You can use indoor dehumidifiers or air purifiers specifically designed to deal with molds. Moreover, molds could form when you have leaks indoors, which makes the house damp, and it is wise to fix the leaks to deal with dampness and molds effectively.

Control Pet Dander and Replace Carpets

Some pets shed so much hair, dead skin and leave saliva and urine droplets on your carpet and other household items that could trigger your allergies. It is better to groom your dog at the groomer’s office frequently and keep them out of your bedroom. Replacing the carpet frequently can help control pet dander in your home as pets are likely to lie around in the carpet when they are trained to stay off the furniture.  Alternatively, you could get a non-allergenic pet for your family.

The Bottom Line

Although medications can help you deal with your allergies effectively, depending on medications they might not be suitable for your health, you need to learn how to cope with allergies. First, you should limit your exposure to allergens by washing your hair, wearing a mask, changing carpets, and controlling mites and molds in your home.

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