Hypnotherapy for Nail Biting


Habits such as nail-biting and picking your cuticles are things which are created by your subconscious. They are usually the mind’s solution to issues including anxiety, boredom and stress. However, the effect of this solution the mind creates is negative and only ends up reinforcing the feelings it was trying to get rid of. For example, if you bite your nails due to feeling anxious, then you may end up feeling self-conscious about them and therefore more anxious again.

Online sessions such as zoom hypnosis can be used to tackle this issue from home. Lots of hypnotherapists are choosing to do all their sessions online at this current time.

Can hypnotherapy stop you from biting your nails?

When someone is picking or biting their nails, it actually shows a lot of characteristics as if they are in a trance. Their attention is so engaged and focused on the activity that all other senses and time disappear. This is often triggered by a cue which has been reinforced over time. So, in a way, these people already have experience in being in a trance-like state, and using this to reinforce certain behaviours and their benefits – they just need aid with their decision making to turn it into a positive.

Online hypnosis is great for changing something negative into a positive, it uses a habit and changes its content. The blueprint to this habit will be stored in the subconscious, the hypnotherapy accesses this and makes changes so that there is a positive action in response to the original cue. For example, you could make the decision to file your nails instead of biting them. Have another activity to hand so you can satisfy your need to fiddle, or do a few minutes of mindfulness or self-hypnosis to create the calm you want.

The trance of hypnotherapy allows you to rehearse your thoughts mentally using your new habit and response. This helps to create positive benefits, like having nice hands you can be proud of. In addition to this, hypnotherapy can help to address the issues which are causing you to bite your nails – addressing what it is that makes you feel anxious. They make sure that whatever is fuelling the habit is checked.

Hypnotherapy for nail-biting will not only help with that specific issue, but improve your ability to control impulses, managing stress and anxiety, and therefore making your self-esteem a lot better. You will have new ways to cope with challenges in your life.

Hopefully, with hypnotherapy, you will develop the determination, confidence and patience to grow your nails back to a decent length.

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