Improve Your Blood Pressure and Overall Health through Wellness Programs in New York


Hypertension affects nearly half of the US adults, but most of them have it under control. However, with several lifestyle changes, you can improve your blood pressure and general health. Rui Mateus and the medical exercise practitioners at NY FITPROS in New Rochelle, NY, provide nutrition programs, lifestyle coaching, and personal training for persons with hypertension. To get started with top-quality care at NY FITPROS, partner with a  New Rochelle hypertension specialist by calling the office or use the online booking tool to request a consultation today.

What Is Hypertension?

Blood pressure refers to the force of the blood against the blood vessel walls. High blood pressure, or hypertension, means that the force has become extremely high. With time, hypertension damages the blood vessels, in turn increasing the risk of you suffering a stroke or heart attack.

Often, hypertension develops without showing any symptoms. Although a wide range of factors alleviates your risk of suffering high blood pressure, unhealthy eating habits, i.e., high alcohol and salt consumption or lack of physical activity, are primary contributors. Therefore, better nutrition habits, weight loss, and increased physical activity are critical factors in managing hypertension, and they might alleviate the risk of developing more adverse health conditions.

NY FITPROS can help patients create lasting lifestyle adjustments to reverse their chronic disease. Utilizing Dr. Dean Ornish’s experience in lifestyle medicine, the providers will help you eat better to enhance physical activity, lessen stress, and improve life quality. For more than two decades now, the practice has developed personalized wellness programs to help persons of all ages, walks of life, and fitness levels.

How Does Exercise Help with Hypertension?

It is undeniable that a good exercise program can alleviate the risk of high blood pressure. As per the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), one session of the appropriate exercise dose can offer an immediate reduction in blood pressure. The medical exercise specialists at the practice will assess your baseline medical data and exercise capability before creating a personalized lifestyle and fitness program to monitor and reduce your blood pressure closely.

The combined effect of strength training, cardiopulmonary exercise, lifestyle coaching, and healthy nutrition are quite effective in preventing and reducing the effects of hypertension. Besides, progressive exercise programs support blood chemical imbalances. When you schedule your first appointment at NY FITPROS, you must undergo the advanced SMART Assessment, comprising joint biomechanics, postural analysis, push-pull strength, and FIT3D analyzer brain gauge mental fitness assessment, cardiopulmonary fitness, and functional movement pattern.

Can Weight Loss Help with Hypertension?

Excessive body weight raises the workload on one’s blood vessels and heart, thus contributing to hypertension development. Therefore, losing weight can alleviate your blood pressure. The weight-loss professionals at NY FITPROS utilize exercise, lifestyle modification, and nutrition to steer your scale in a healthier direction.

Your nutrition specialist will partner with you to develop a nutrition plan, which supplements your personalized care program. This way, you can effectively gain lean muscle mass, boost metabolism, and lose excess body fat.

That said, NY FITPROS specializes in helping you get in shape, enhance your health, and enjoy better life quality. To find out more about their lifestyle and fitness hypertension program, call the NY FITPROS office or request an appointment online today.

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