Practical Exercises for Reducing Sciatica Pains


The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back to down the leg through the pelvis. It is regarded as the largest nerve in the human body. The pain related to this Sciatic nerve is known to be Sciatica pain. Standard painkillers may not always be effective in reducing the pain. Some unique exercises prove to be quite beneficial in reducing sciatica pains

Reclining Pigeon Pose

There are various variations in pigeon pose exercises that are done in yoga class. This exercise is beneficial in lessening your sciatica pain in the best way possible. To do this exercise, you have to lay down on your back and then bring up your right leg and bend your knee. 

After that, you need to grab your right ankle and place this onto your left thigh above your left knee. Now lift the left leg and utilize hands for hooking around the left thigh to pull the left leg effectively. This exercise helps to stretch piriformis muscle in the right buttock region. It is to take less than a minute to perform this exercise. This pigeon pose is apt for beginners.

Sitting pigeon pose

This is the second variation of pigeon pose, which is to be done sitting down with legs stretched. You need to bend the right leg at the knee and place the right ankle on the top of the left thigh above the knee. 

Then lean the body forward for stretching the lower back. Now you should hold this position for some time and then swap legs and repeat. It is to be carried out within a minute. Once you practice enough, then try to last few minutes. This exercise is excellent in easing sciatica pains. 

Forward pigeon pose

This is the third and most advanced version of the pigeon pose. To do this, you have to bend your right hip, ankle, and knee. Now place your right lower leg onto the floor to get it across your own body. The right ankle is to come to rest under the left hip. 

You have to ensure that the right ankle and knee have to bend at the right angles and then slowly lower body for resting on top of the right leg. If you can, you should rest your forehead on the floor and properly stretch your arms. It is essential to make sure that you are not feeling any pain or discomfort while doing this exercise. This advanced exercise is considered to help lessen sciatica pains. 

Knee to the opposite shoulder 

This is a simple and yet effective exercise that will significantly reduce your sciatica pain and issues. You should first lay flat on the back and outstretch legs with the toes pointing to the ceiling. 

Bend your right knee and bring it to the abdomen and wrap your left shoulder as far as you can. If you can do it properly, you will feel relief from your sciatica pains. Doing this for some days, the pain will significantly get reduced. It is just essential for you to know about the right ways to do this exercise. If you do it the wrong way, then you might not get its benefits. 


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