Purchasing A Stair Lift For The Elderly


If your family lives in a multi-storey home together with elderly members then you should be considering installing mobility solutions as they age. Mobility solutions such as a residential stair lift help vulnerable communities like the elderly to travel up and down stairs without the risk of tripping and falling. At such advance ages, a fall could deal severe harm and injury to them. This is why mobility aids are critical even before they struggle with any particular issue.

However, a common fear then arises then of cost. To clear any misconceptions and to give you an idea of the rough costs involved in getting a stair lift installed in your home, we have written this article.

Setup Process

First, the state accredited stair lift installer will contact you to set up a free at home consultation to assess the staircase, and supply item info and pricing. As soon as a stair lift has been selected, the devices will be bought (if the installer does not have it in supply). Setup, training on using the lift, and final assessment all wrap up the process from stair lift purchase to set up.

It is handy when shopping for a stair lift, to research suppliers and versions. Whether you are acquiring a straight stair lift for a straight stairs, or a personalized made curved stair lift for stairs with flat levels, stair lift quality, capability, warranties, and reliability ratings differ from version to design.

Standard Stair Lift Costs

If your residence has a straight staircase with approximately 12-14 steps, you ought to budget anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 to purchase a brand-new stair lift. The typical expense usually ends up in the mean of this range, between about $3,000 and $4,000. These rates include installation along with a 1 year service warranty.

Part of the expense fluctuation is due to the array of models and makers that are on offer. Just as with getting an automobile, various lifts have different base costs along with unique offered alternatives. A stair lift in the $2,000 array will be a more standard design, purchased with the objective of transferring a user up and down a stairs.

This sort of unit may have limited alternatives for add-ons. A stair lift that begins in the $3,500 array will be a higher-end version and may have common attributes such as a slimmer design and higher weight capacity. It would likewise have additional personalization alternatives, such as power folding rail and seat product and color choices to better fit your residence’s decoration.

While this cost might appear high at first, it is very important to take into consideration the prices of choices. You can vacate your multi-story home in favor of a single-story home, yet this comes along with realtor fees, closing costs, and moving expenses, in addition to the psychological cost of surrendering your home and community.

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