Sport Supplements Good or Bad


Why Do People Think Taking Sport Supplements Is A Good Idea?

In a recent bodybuilding survey many people want to know if taking sport supplements was really good for them or not.

Advancement in medicine and researches done by scientists have immensely contributed to the development of sports nutrition supplements. It is a well-known fact that each person is nutrient deficient in one way or the other and we all should be taking supplements over and above our normal diets. A study was conducted recently which revealed, “More than 88% of the world population take some form of nutritional supplement on daily basis”.

Taking in supplements become all the more pertinent if you are an athlete. It is the best way to take your fitness to the next level as it gives you more energy and helps your muscles grow faster. It even helps in reducing the recovery time between workouts. However, it really becomes an onerous task when you are flooded with supplement options and you have to find the right sports nutrition supplement. Well, we can help you out in the decision-making process. Below listed are the top 5 fitness supplements.

1. Creatine: If you want to bring enhancement in your strength levels, energy levels and raw power, creatine is the supplement for you. This will be a win-win situation for both athletes and bodybuilders. As sportsperson will have more energy to push, tackle, throw and run with more power. On the other hand, body builders will be able to lift heavier weights and can enjoy greater muscle gains from workout.

2. Protein: All those who are looking out for building up muscles or strength enhancement should definitely consider taking in protein. Many of you must be wondering why Protein? As protein is reckoned to be the most important muscle building nutrient which significantly helps in building, maintaining and repairing muscle cells between each workout.

3. Amino Acids/BCAAs: Branched Chain Amino Acids too have become very popular amongst the bodybuilding and fitness community. BCAA supplementation are very helpful for maintaining muscle mass as it helps in synthesizing protein. Particularly, it is best for the ones who are on a low-calorie diet. It serves the dual purpose of enhancing workout intensity as well as recovery after workout.

4. Essentially Fatty Acids (EFA): EFAs have several health benefits as they help your muscles to break down and use protein in an efficient manner. They prevent you from getting tired during workouts and also support your nervous system. During workout, it maximizes your coordination levels and helps in soothing joint pains. It even protects you against inflammation. So, you see the health benefits you will get after making EFAs as part of your diet.

5. Zinc & Magnesium (ZMA): It boosts your recovery time and enhance your strength levels. It significantly stimulates the production of muscle growth hormone – testosterone in the body. Apart from it, this maximizes the amount of lift during workouts and helps in inducing a deeper and restful state of sleep. Therefore, it helps in complete rejuvenation of your body. You feel fresh and give your best during workout.

6. Antioxidants: If you want to protect your body against harmful by-products, antioxidants are powerful compounds. While you work out, a lot of oxygen is required by the body which results in concentration of free radicals in the system. Therefore, by consuming antioxidant sports nutrition supplement, you can protect your body and cells against toxic free radicals and maintain optimal health.

Thus, nutritional supplements can prove to be extremely beneficial to your health owing to lack of nutrients present in modern day processed foods and poor diets.

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