Surprising Health Benefits of Fresh Flowers at Home


It is a well-known fact that flowers make any indoor space more appealing. However, besides this, there are plenty of other health benefits of flowers that many people aren’t aware of. Flowers are a powerful natural tool for purifying the air and transforming the harmful carbon dioxide into oxygen with the help of sunlight and water. They also aid in making the air humid, which in turn boosts our immunity and helps us breathe. This is essential as, you might have not known this, lack of humidity is a perfect ground for thriving infections in our bodies. This is especially crucial in dry climate places around the world, such as countries in Australia, Africa and South America. Bringing natural elements such as flowers into our homes is a perfect way to rekindle our relationship with nature. Take a look at some more amazing benefits of having flowers in your home.

1. Flowers have the ability to boost our mood

Some studies found that women who received flowers reported feeling in an overwhelmingly good mood. This is so as flowers provide environmental exposure, which promotes health. Flowers are actually in contact with nature. Having flowers in your home or the workplace has been known to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. All kinds of greenery, including flowers, herbs and other ornamental plants increase levels of positive energy and make people feel serene, relaxed and at ease. This explains why you feel so much more positive when you get up in the morning and the first thing you see are fresh-cut flowers arranged on your table. Let’s not forget the fresh, wonderful scent they spread, too.

2. They are also helpful in reducing stress

It’s very difficult to avoid stress nowadays. Almost all the people around the world feel stressed out on a daily or weekly basis. That’s why is essential to discuss the connection between flowers and the stress we feel. Flowers have the ability to reduce stress. How come? Based on research done, it has been concluded that giving flowers to people as a form of appreciation, as opposed to some other things such as candles, has affected their stress levels in a positive way. So, you can make someone’s or your own day better by purchasing an eye-catching bouquet of flowers. And if you’re living in a country with a dry climate, such as countries in Australia, you have the added benefit of humidifying the air, besides, of course, beautifying the space, boosting mood and reducing stress – so, order freshly cut colourful flowers in Perth and enjoy the myriad of benefits it has.

3. Flowers can air our memory as well

Another research that involved senior citizens over 55 was carried out. It tried to find the correlation between flowers and mood as well as memory. It was no surprise that flowers boosted the mood of the elderly. However, it was surprising to find out that flowers also affected their memory positively. This finding has been linked to another study that hypothesized that flowers played an important role throughout evolution. Basically, they have a positive impact on our memory because of their strong smell, which is tightly linked to our memory. Therefore, flowers have the ability to activate and exercise the parts of our brain that are associated with memory. Pretty amazing, huh?

4. They have been found to heal as physically

This is yet another conclusion from a study that was conducted. An experiment was carried out in a hospital that included some recovering patients. They tested the impact of flowers on their recovery period. It was found that patients recovering in rooms filled with flowers recovered faster and reported lower ratings of anxiety, pain and fatigue than the patients in the control room. Hence, the trend of bringing flowers to a person in a hospital.

5. They improve our relationships

Another important impact of flowers is their ability to improve our relationships. This is so as it was found that people who spend an extensive amount of their time around plants have better relationships with other people. This occurrence has been linked to increased feelings of compassion that flowers tend to evoke. People are also more likely to help other people when they are constantly around plants and flowers.

6. Many flowers are known to have medicinal purposes

Almost all the plants, except for those solely ornamental ones have been known to have plenty of medicinal purposes as well. For example, lavender is a plant that aids sleep. So perhaps the best present for somebody suffering from sleep disorders would be lavender. Many other plants are observed as natural herbal remedies that help in curing many diseases. Also, many people cultivate herbs such as basil, chive, parsley and rosemary, which they use as fresh ingredients in cooking.

As you can see, the health benefits of flowers range from those simple, well-known to some other, perhaps not so widely known ones. The fact is that we won’t make a mistake by treating ourselves or somebody else with flowers, as besides the grand gesture, we’re also treating us or them with a plethora of health benefits.

Jack Kewell is writer, science editor, naturalist, entrepreneur. He is focused on writing and illustrating books. Also, he is a regular contributor on mountaintechblog

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