Weight loss tips: losing weight is also between your ears


Losing weight is also between your ears. Are your expectations too high? Did you set the bar too high? Are you on the scale every day? These are just as many factors that hinder weight loss . For example, slimming is too slow, so that you eventually lose your motivation and do not lose weight. You lose weight step by step. Losing two pounds a month is excellent. That way, the lost pounds usually stay away.

Weight loss tips: maintain a healthy diet for life

Healthy and permanent weight loss without yo-yo effect, you do not do with any diet, but with a healthy diet . A diet that promises you spectacular results; never last long, and the weight loss is very temporary. After a short adjustment period of about ten days on average, you can maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle for life. With a healthy diet and lifestyle, and the tips below, you will undoubtedly achieve your goal. For the weight loss program this is essential now.

Weight loss tips: avoid fast carbohydrates

Do you want to get rid of your overweight as soon as possible? Then limit as much food as possible, which is rich in fast carbohydrates. These provide fast energy, to get you into an energy dip very quickly. That way you constantly walk around with a feeling of hunger, which means you can literally eat day and night. These fast carbohydrates also increase your appetite for sweet, high-calorie and therefore unhealthy snacks and irresponsible snacks. With the well-known consequence: your overweight will only increase. Opposite these fast carbohydrates are, yes, slow carbohydrates. These digest much more difficult, stay in your digestive system longer and require much more energy to be digested. They make you burn more fat and therefore make you lose weight faster.

Weight loss tips: this diet does not fit into a healthy diet:

  • Refined white sugar: of course also sweets, biscuits and pastries
  • Refined white pasta: pasta, rice and noodles, as well as whole wheat pasta
  • Bread: mainly white bread, but also all wholemeal bread
  • Soft drinks: but also ready-made fruit juices from the supermarket
  • Processed food, ready meals and frozen meals: burgers, pizza

Weight loss tips: therefore eat instead of:

Bread: quinoa rice cakes with healthy oil (coconut oil), avocado and walnut

Pasta and potatoes: vegetables, quinoa and turkey fillet or wok vegetables with wild salmon

Sugar-free snacks and snacks: such as healthy smoothies or a handful of mixed nuts, unsalted and unroasted nuts, seeds or pips

Weight loss tips: eat only healthy fats and proteins

Nutrition with healthy, unsaturated fats and high-quality proteins significantly prolong your feeling of satiety. You think less about food, you are less hungry, and your appetite for unhealthy snacks disappears. As a result, you eat less, burn more fat and lose weight faster.


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