What Is San Fernando Valley Kush, And How To Grow It? 


The marijuana seeds San Fernando is quite often confused with SFV OG, which is not the case. Instead, SFV OG is cross-bred with Afghan #1, resulting in San Fernando Valley Kush. SVF Kush is potent in every possible way. The fragrance of this strain is quite fruity and skunky at the same time. Before the buds reach their mature state, the aroma of SVF Kush becomes distinctly perceivable. Do you wish to know more about SFV Kush? If yes, then continue reading this post quite carefully.

Time to grow San Fernando Valley 

To grow San Fernando Valley is as simple as that. Its branches are immensely sturdy due to the substantial Indica genes which SVF Kush is comprised of. As a result, the boughs become strong enough to require any support. Both the amount and quality of harvest will chiefly depend on the techniques used. San Fernando Valley Kush is also reasonably resistant to the various molds, ailments, and pests.

Prominent attributes of SVF Kush plantation

The buds of SVF Kush are medium to massive. The level of resin and potency can get increased to a reasonable extent. All you need to do is feed your SVF Kush plants with an adequate amount of nutrients. Try and keep the pH levels between 6.0 and that of 6.5. To attain optimal results regarding your yield, also use reverse osmosis water in moderate quantities. These tips and tricks are mostly recommended by the several pros who are adept at SFV Kush plantation.

SFV Kush: Indoor vs. Outdoor growth

Well, SFV Kush can be grown both indoors as well as outdoors. So, let’s take a quick look at each of these procedures outlined below.

  • Outdoor plantation: SFV Kush can be grown outdoors with even better results than what is expected. However, to attain the best results, there should be adequate sunlight and warmth. A constant soft blowing breeze should be there to nourish the foliage as much as possible. Besides, San Fernando Valley Kush also thrives equally in cold regions. However, both the climatic condition and the season have to be adequately favorable to allow their healthy growth.

The amount of outdoor harvest

The amount of yield as a result of outdoor plantation varies from the place. Say, for instance, the plantation has taken in a part of the northern hemisphere. The maximum harvest in such a place will be 17 ounces forever plant by the end of October.

  • Indoor plantation: A Sea of Green (SOG) setting is perfect if you are growing multiple plants at a go. When grown indoors, the plants thrive the most in hydroponics or organic soil. By adhering to the SOG method, you can harvest a yield as massive as 1. 14 ounces every square foot. After waiting for ten good weeks, you can witness the buds in their most mature stage ever.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to grow san fernando valley seedsit’s time for you to get started.

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