Who Needs Whey Protein


Whey Protein has been described as the great supplementary food for fitness and weight management

What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein that is called the great protein is one of a group of protein nutrients which come from cow’s milk. During the process of milk turning to the cheese, whey protein will be isolated from that process.

Whey Protein have the higher nutritional value than other forms of protein. Whey protein contains amino acids which are called BCAA (branched-chain amino acid). BCAAs are essential to build up and maintain the strength of muscle compared with other protein.

We all know that protein can help your body repair cells and make new ones. Protein is also important for growth. Not only muscle need protein but all other parts of body need protein too.

So we need protein no less than other nutrient. protein is found in pork, beef, chicken, fish, egg, beans and some vegetables.

Who needs Whey protein ?

Actually Whey protein is not limited only for musclemen and bodybuilders. Other sportsmen or any one who exercises their body or muscle can take it. If you are serious in your exercise, whey protein will help you not only to build up, improve muscle mass but also replace, repair and recovery muscle damage from exercise.

If you can find whey protein and can afford to buy, whatever sport you play, you should take whey protein.

Does whey protein really work?

In fact, the result is not from whey protein only. There are 4 main elements as follows :

  1. Main nutrition
    2. The type and seriousness in muscle training
    3. Relaxation
    4. Each component of body and health

Whey is just supplementary foods also called sport supplement. It is not a magic medicine. Also it can help us in preparedness, it is a nutrient which we can use for body improvement. However, it depends on other factors for example :- Are you working hard enough for training ? Do you play right way ? Do you rest enough ? Do you have any afflictions ? Do you eat right main nutrition ? and etc.

How much whey protein should we take ?

Normally, whey will sell in canister approximately 2.5lbs per canister. No matter what brands, which flavors, they will be designed for 1 month take if you take a time per day or 1 serving per day.

Generally, 1 serving will produce protein around 25g. For serious musclemen and bodybuilders, they will take protein around 75g per day. It is not mean that they will take 3 servings at a time to complete 150g, but they will divide to 3 times a day between regular meals. However, it is for only professional or expert.

For general level, they should take 1 serving after exercise.

It’s also advised to take a 100% natural herbal supplement called Ecdysterone with your protein shake to help you body utilize more of the amino acids in the protein, for more information please visit ecdysterone for sale.

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