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A Few Causes behind Teeth Sensitivity


It can be quite difficult to live with sensitive teeth. Without discomfort or pain, you can’t eat or drink other things. Often the pains are sharp and unexpected when you eat warm or cold. If you have been suffering from teeth sensitivity, don’t worry we are here to help you.  Smiles on Queen Family Dentistry in Bolton will show you how to get some relief and help you understand what things cause you this discomfort. 

A Few Common Things That Cause Teeth Sensitivity

Anybody can develop teeth sensitivity overtime. It typically develops when the roots of the teeth are left exposed or the enamel is eroded. Here are a few common causes that are responsible for sensitive teeth.

  1. Frequent Teeth Whitening Procedures: Usually teeth whitening procedure is used to eliminate stains and discoloration of teeth and to make them appear brighter. But it could lead to too much tooth sensitivity if you have gotten too many whitening treatments. Some of the key ingredients used during these procedures are peroxide, which can cause tooth discomfort if overused.
  2. Bad Brushing: You end up rubbing down the enamel by a toothbrush that has rough bristles. This makes the tooth more vulnerable and exposed. Some dentists consider using a soft bristles toothbrush because it doesn’t damage the enamel which causes further problems.
  3. Demineralization: The tooth enamel has some minerals that diminish over time. If the amount of minerals decreases, it is called demineralization and it leads to sensitivity of the teeth. Enamel demineralization also puts the teeth at risk of infection. Keep in mind that it is not a growing tissue that can repair or replace the enamel. A minimal amount of sugar and acidic foods and beverages should be avoided to prevent demineralization.
  4. Teeth Grinding Habit: bad habits such as teeth grinding can also increase sensitivity in teeth. Grinding makes you your teeth wearing down.  The chips and cracks on the tooth may also be caused. Teeth grinding may cause damage to the tooth’s enamel and expose the dentine’s inner layers that lead to damage and decay.
  5. Nutrition Deficiency: poor diet always leads to nutrition deficiency. Moreover, teeth sensitivity can also be caused by poor diet. When your diet is made up of acidic and sugar-rich foods, it can erode the enamel and increase your teeth sensitivity risk. To protect your enamel from wear out, stop consuming too many acidic foods and beverages.

You can avoid teeth sensitivity by using a dental sealant, wearing a mouthguard, fluoride gel, or by getting a root canal treatment.

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