Have you ever found yourself staring at the ‘before and after’ photos of cosmetic surgery? 

Fascinating, right?

They say, ‘a single picture is worth a thousand words’ and with people’s attention spans reducing to less than 9 seconds, it is imperative to use the right images to capture the attention of your audience. It is the sole reason why cosmetic surgeons are using bigger and better cosmetic surgery images to speak to prospective clients.

Studies have also shown that the human brain processes images faster than texts. This alone had prompted entrepreneurs to use more images for effective marketing campaigns.

Cosmetic surgery images on social media

We live in a digitalized era where social media platforms are the backbone for effective marketing campaigns. With the millions of people active on social media, it is no wonder surgeons are using it to grab people’s attention and to promote their practice.

Additionally, the desire by cosmetic surgeons to be visible through SEO has led them to share not just any photos, but those that are relevant to their area of expertise. For example, a cosmetic surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation will share mostly photos of the same on all his social media platforms.

It is a fact that a post that is followed by an image is 10 times more likely to receive consumer engagement. That is why cosmetic surgeons today are increasingly using visuals that matter to fascinate and attract prospective clients.

Apart from improving SEO and luring in clients, cosmetic surgeons use images for the following reasons:

  • For comparison purposes

Without pictorial proof, it can be quite hard to gauge cosmetic surgery results. Having a ‘before and after’ photo allows you to see the changes much more clearly. What’s more, if your cosmetic surgery involves a sequence of procedures, images make it easier for the surgeon to come up with a more accurate timeline as to when intended results will be achieved.

  • It’s a show of the surgeon’s skills

Before interested individuals book an appointment, it’s incredibly likely for them to examine the cosmetic surgeon’s past patients. Even though several independent bodies will research and give a review of various cosmetic surgeons, nothing shows off skills quite like images. 

When prospective clients see what a surgeon can do, they are better able to gauge if they are the right person for the job or not

  • It builds their brand

When a cosmetic surgeon makes a habit of sharing consistent images on their website and across all social media platforms, people will associate the images to their brand.  This builds trust and confidence which are vital for people interested in cosmetic surgery.

All in all, images are critical for any entrepreneur, not just cosmetic surgeons, if they are looking to make a mark and build their brand. The use of images is detrimental in building loyalty, boosting confidence, gaining attention, and sharing vital information. With consistent imagery and a well-thought-through marketing campaign, cosmetic surgeons are able to fascinate more potential clients, stay in power and be an authority brand to reckon with.


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