How Does Tui Na Compare To Other Massages


Tui Na is a form of therapy under Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Used widely in many countries around the world, it offers many wellness benefits to patients.In particular, being a non-invasive treatment, patients often feel safe and confident in the procedure. One common question that does arise though is how it differs from other massage therapies as well as other TCM treatments.

As a tuina Singapore clinic, we are happy to share with you the differences tuina offers in comparison with other massages or treatments. Read our short article to find out more.

In Essence Tui Na Is…

In tuina, physicians utilize their finger, hand, foot, joint or knee to apply force to a particular body location. This Chinese medicine modality uses balanced compression strategies along various power channels of the body to develop harmonious flow of qi throughout the body. In doing so, the human body can be brought back to equilibrium.

By applying pressure to meridians, acupoints, and groups of muscles and nerves, tuina eliminates blockages and works deeply with the positive power of the body.

Comparing to Other Massage Therapies

Thai Massage

Similar totuina, Thai massage aids to soothe clogs, remove shortages, and correct imbalances in the flow of power. Unlike the majority of massage therapies, a distinct feature of the Thai massage is the fact that it is carried out on the floor with the client completely outfitted.

During thai massage, the therapist uses their hands, knees, feet and legs to move the client right into different yoga-like stretches. In doing so, clots and tight muscles are released, though in relatively painful fashion.

A key difference is that Thai massages do not follow any concept of meridian and Qi promotion. Instead, it simply targets areas of trouble and directly addresses them.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is recognized for its capability to unwind the entire body. On top of that, Swedish massage aids to raise oxygen levels in the blood, lower muscular tissue contaminants, and improve total flow and flexibility.

Unlike tuina, Swedish massage makes use of long moving strokes to scrub the muscles in the instructions of blood going back to the heart.

Using with Acupuncture

Tui Na can additionally be utilized as a complement to acupuncture treatment because it is a kind of Traditional Chinese Medicine and because it uses the same concepts. Making use of both treatment methods can be an effective approach to working with power and resolving and recovering its flow.

Both methods aim to achieve similar aims, but have subtle differences in their approaches. As such, many a time, practitioners from each field will recommend patients to receive the alternate therapy.

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