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Oily Skin Remedies To Get Long Lasting Shiny Free Skin


One of the most common skin care problems out there is oily skin. People with oily skin often have to try a bunch of different products until they find one that actually works for their skin type.

Even though there isn’t one single cure for oily skin, there are definitely some remedies you begin using each day to at least keep your oily skin problems under control.

The Best Home Remedies for Oily Skin

Below you’ll find some of the best oily skin remedies to keep your skin from looking too greasy and shiny. 

When you use these remedies it’s important to stay consistent with it each day to see the results you want.

Stop Smoking

Not only does smoking cause oily skin issues to become worse, but when you smoke it causes a bunch of other skin problems as well like acne.

The reason smoking causes oily skin is because when you smoke it opens up your pores and allows excess oil to find its way through to the skin surface. This is why a lot of people who have issues with oily skin are usually strong smokers.

Start off small by limiting the amount of smoking you do each day, and then try to stop smoking completely. This won’t happen overnight (especially if you’ve been smoking for years), but if you just focus on one day at a time you won’t have anything to worry about.

Evening Primrose Oil

One of the best oily skin remedies to add to your oily skin care routine is definitely evening primrose oil. This herbal oil contains gamma linoleic acid which is a common ingredient found in skin care products to stop oily skin.

The linoleic acid in the evening primrose oil will work overtime drawing out excess oil from your skin without leaving your skin feeling too dry.

To use this essential oil as a home remedy for oily skin simply dab a little of it onto your face using a cotton pad. You can apply the evening primrose oil directly onto your face or you can dilute it with a little water first.

For the best results use about 8 drops of primrose evening oil to stop oily skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another home remedy for oily skin that works exceptionally well. Apple cider vinegar helps neutralize the production oil in your skin while fighting off bacteria that usually causes acne breakouts.

To use this remedy for oily skin simply soak a cotton ball in it and then apply to your face. This is one of the best ways to get rid of oily skin on your face naturally.


Your diet definitely plays an important role in reducing oiliness in your skin. You want to go for more green leafy vegetables in your daily diet like spinach, kale, and broccoli. The more of these types of vegetables you eat the less you’ll have to worry about oily skin.

You also are going to want to eat foods rich with vitamin B2, as most people with oily skin are deficient with this vitamin. Some of the best food sources of vitamin B2 are yeast, oats, beans, nuts, and whole grains.

Along with eating a better diet make sure you keep your skin hydrated by drinking more water. Water will keep your skin hydrated which is essential for preventing oily skin.

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