Ways Mouthguards Can Help Achieve Dental Safety During Sports


For some people, sports are a way of life. However, this does not mean that they are protected from sports-related dental injuries. Your mouth is prone to injuries while on the field. Whether you take part in aggressive sports with a lot of contact between players or a simple exercise, mouthguards can help protect your teeth. You can achieve full protection with Midtown mouth guards to help you participate in sports safely.

Types of mouthguards

Different sports require different levels of protection. That is why Charles M. Marks, DDS & Dental Associates, has at least three different types of mouth guards. You have a choice between the boil and bite mouthguards, the pre-made mouthguards, and finally, the custom-made mouthguards that help you achieve the level of protection you want in the desired games. When selecting a mouthguard, you should make sure it takes in the following aspects.

  • It is easy to clean
  • It does not limit your breathing
  • It fits well and does not cause any discomforts

Mouthguards are also essential for people who wear braces or other dental structures. Talk to your dentist when making a selection of your mouthguards to receive the best piece that can help protect you during sports.

What tips can help take care of mouthguards

The best way to keep your mouthguard away from harm is from the use of advice given by your dentist. The structures must remain clean at all times since they go into your mouth. You should also consult your dentist to receive information about the best time to change your mouthguard. The simple tips to keep your guards clean involve:

  • Storing your mouthguard in its right place
  • Scrubbing your mouth after the use of each guard
  • Replacing the guards during a new season or when you discover it has become less efficient
  • You should never chew or swallow the mouthguard
  • Taking the mouthguard to your dentist when you make any visits

Mouthguards have one goal: to protect you from sports-related injuries or trauma to your teeth. Therefore, when you fail to follow the guidelines for using the structures, then you will not get their full benefits.

What are the steps for wearing a mouthguard?

Wearing mouthguards is a simple procedure. The first time you visit your dentist for the structures, you will receive help to put them on. However, while at home or on the field, you might need to trim your mouthguard. Then submerge it in boiling water to remove any living microbes that can give you an infection. Hold your mouthguard in a clean towel and push it using your thumps into the mouth and allow it to settle in the front and back of your teeth.

Fatal mouth injuries can have significant effects on your dental health. However, you should never let the fear of dental injuries dent your journey to star-hood in the sports world. Get your mouth guards from Charles M. Marks, DDS & Dental Associates, and begin your journey to a safer you in the field.

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