What you should expect during Lower Back Pain Management


Back pain is one of the most occurring chronic diseases among older adults. Lower back pain develops due to different spinal complications. According to research, the leading causes of lower back pain are diseases such as arthritis and diabetes. However, you can also suffer lower back pain when you are involved in an accident, and your spinal cord becomes damaged. An accident can lead to herniated spinal discs, which cause back pain. If you are a victim of this, a Jacksonville pain management physician is a great option. Book an appointment today to have quality back pain treatment. Below are the causes of lower back pain.

The primary causes of lower back pain

Back pain is considered chronic when it lasts for three to six months. Studies show that chronic back pain can go after treatment, but it can still come back. It can be hard to treat and manage chronic back pain, especially when you do not know the cause. Some of the causes that your doctor may mention include:

  •   Spinal stenosis. Your spinal cord has a hollow part where nerves pass. This part can narrow down compressing nerves and soft tissue. When nerves are compressed, they result in pain.
  •   Arthritis. The most common disease that affects joint body parts is arthritis. Since your spinal cord is a joint component, it can severely suffer from arthritis. This disease damages nerves and tissues and can cause pain when compressed.
  •   Herniated spinal discs. After an accident, some spinal bones can pop out from their sockets. A dislocated spinal bone can result in pain when you twist your back in any direction.
  •   Myofascial pain syndrome. You can develop a condition that brings unexpected muscle tenderness and pain.

According to neuromusculoskeletal specialists, it sometimes becomes hard to pinpoint the exact cause of back pain. However, through diagnosis, your doctor can try to find the cause. Back pain can result in discomforts if not treated and managed. Below are non-surgical ways your doctor can manage the pain.

Ways chronic back pain can be managed

These ways include:

  •   Medications. After examination, your doctor will give you some medication to relieve the pain. According to research, the medicine reduces pain for some time. Additionally, drugs only work well for non-severe back pain.
  •   Injectables. If your back pain is severe, your doctor prefers a steroid injection. The injection is very effective since it can keep you pain-free for more than three months.
  •   Change of lifestyle. If you are prone to smoking and alcohol, your doctor may request you quit.
  •   Diet. A proper diet may help your diseased nerves and tissues to heal faster.
  •   Physical therapy. You can massage the area of pain with warm water and a cotton towel.
  •   Exercises. Frequent back exercises can help to put your herniated discs back on track.

Successful back pain management can help you continue with your daily work. It is good to get a quality doctor since not every doctor you may come across is experienced. Physicians at Florida Regional Pain Management, P.A. center is a great option you can consult for back pain management.

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