When to Consider Seeing a Doctor When Dehydrated and How Big Berkey Water Filter can Save Your Life


Your body is made up mostly of water. It means that for it to function well, you need to replenish lost water. However, there are instances when you lose more water than you take. It leads to dehydration. When you experience it, you need to take a rest and immediately replenish your body with the necessary fluids. It helps if you use Big Berkey water filter since it helps cleanse your water source and make the drinking water potable. However, without access to drinking water, you might be dehydrated, and have to be rushed to the hospital.  For more information on the Big Berkey water filter, check out the USA Berkey website today!

Causes of dehydration

There are lots of reasons why you end up being dehydrated. It starts by not drinking enough water. Even when you’re thirsty, you still pretend that you’re okay. If it’s too much, dehydration could happen.

You could also be dehydrated during a hot weather. You will sweat profusely under this circumstance, and you won’t notice that you’re already getting dehydrated. The same thing happens when you’re too exhausted from doing physical activities. There’s nothing wrong in working hard when you work out. As they say, when you’re at the gym, “no pain, no gain.” However, you need to know when to stop and replenish your body with water. Besides, you will be more exhausted and unable to do the exercise technique without sufficient water in your body.

When you’re ill, it’s another reason for dehydration. If you have high fever, dehydration is one of the potential effects. The same applies when you have a diarrhea. Since you keep defecating, you could lose more fluids in the process. Diarrhea usually comes with vomiting too, and it’s another reason to be dehydrated.

Drink plenty of water right away

When you start to feel dehydrated, you have to pause whatever you’re doing and drink water. Try to make up for the lost fluids due to those reasons. When you drink water, it will gradually make you feel better. However, there are instances when being unwell is caused by other health reasons. You will know it when drinking water isn’t good enough. You still feel terrible.

Common symptoms 

When you have dry skin and mouth, they are signs that your symptoms are getting worse. The same is true if you cry and no tears come out. Your body already lost all fluids that nothing comes out anymore. If you feel extremely exhausted despite the lack of physical activity, it could also indicate that you’re dehydrated.

These symptoms will immediately be relieved as soon as you start drinking water. However, you shouldn’t drink soda and other flavored drinks in place of plain water. They could help replace fluids in your body, but the presence of too much sugar could also adversely affect your health.

It might be time to see a doctor 

If these symptoms are mild, they won’t stay longer. After drinking water, you will start to feel better. However, there are times when drinking water wouldn’t suffice. You should immediately see a doctor to find out what’s wrong.

Very dark urine

You should try to notice the color of your urine. If it’s too dark, it means that you’re not getting enough fluids. However, if the color remains dark despite drinking enough water, there could be something wrong with your kidneys. They’re unable to filter fluids entering your body well. You need to get tested to determine the severity of the problem.

Rapid breathing and heartbeat

It’s normal to experience elevated heartbeat when you’re exercising. If you forgot to drink water because you’re too focused on achieving your fitness goals, it could lead to dehydration. The solution is simple. You have to sit and cancel the rest of your workout plans. You can’t keep exercising when your heartbeat remains fast. After a while, you will feel better. The water you drank will also reduce the symptoms. However, if things didn’t get back to normal, it’s a sign that you should see a doctor. Your heartbeat problems could be due to other reasons and has nothing to do with dehydration. You need to undergo tests to determine the irregularities and receive adequate or even urgent treatment.

Confusion and dizziness

Your body is made up mostly of water, and if you don’t have enough of it, your organs wouldn’t function well. It could be the reason why you feel dizzy and confused. To solve it, you just need to sit and stop whatever activity you’re doing. You should also drink plenty of water right away. It brings back the normal function of your organs.

The problem is when you still feel dizzy and confused despite having enough rest and water. Severe confusion might have something to do with your brain functions. If you’re aging and this isn’t the first time that you experienced such a symptom, dehydration isn’t the only cause. You might have an onset of dementia, and it requires immediate attention. Go to your doctor and explain in details the recurring symptoms and their severity.

You became unconscious 

Dehydration rarely causes fainting, but it’s possible. It happens if coupled with severe exhaustion due to a physical activity. You need to immediately rush to the hospital if it happens. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen to you since unconsciousness could be due to a lot of reasons. In some instances, it’s an indicator of a severe health problem. You might have to undergo series of tests to confirm if there are organ malfunctions that led to unconsciousness.

The point is that dehydration could be a simple issue, or it could mean something else. You have to know when to see the doctor and treat the problem right away. Don’t forget to replenish your body with what we and bring a reusable bottle of water wherever you go. If you have a water filter at home, it guarantees that you’re drinking water is safe and healthy. If you still don’t have one, it might be time to consider installing it.

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