What You Need to Know About Weight Loss


Do you struggle with weight loss? Fitting into a nice pair of swimwear, top or pants, and avoiding heart problems might not be the only reason for you to lose weight. While there are other many reasons such as how you feel about yourself, how others view you, and many other reasons, you can count on weight loss for various benefits. Suppose you have mentally prepared yourself for these changes in your body. In that case, Greenwich Village weight loss specialists at Shift Wellness offer multiple services of weight loss including prevention, treatment, and intervention to practice. They also provide corporate and educational wellness with the aim of productivity and success in your health.

What are the benefits of weight loss?

Realizing that dream body size comes along with benefits that you would never imagine. The following are the importance of shedding off those pounds:

Social success

Americans revere a trimmer body size. Obese people may feel inadequate and withdraw from socializing for fear of being called fat. In jobs, you may receive better treatment from your boss because of achieving a slimmer body. Research indicates that most obese women are less productive in their working places than their counterparts. According to the University of Surrey and the University of Oxford, achieving a healthy weight may land you a promotion in your workplace.

Goodbye to seasonal allergies

Your weight may contribute to allergies such as itchy eyes, especially during Spring. The reason behind this is that being overweight puts pressure on the respiratory system and the adrenal glands, which worsens the symptoms of allergies. Weight loss makes you feel better, and you might avoid using the inhaler or other pills depending on the doctor’s recommendation.

Better Taste of Food

According to reports, when you lose weight, your food will become tastier. Overweight people have less taste sensitivity to food than other people. Losing weight makes you enjoy the food you did not before.

You may abandon some of your medicine

Weight loss makes you avoid heart diseases, diabetes, and other conditions. Losing weight can also help relieve symptoms of your disorder. As a result, you may be able to take fewer doses of your medication.

Enhanced sex drive

As your body mass index (BMI) is lowered, your testosterone levels rise too. Thus, your sexual drive is also easily stimulated. This will also make you enjoy sex more.

Better sleep

Excess weight leads to sleep apnea and snoring. This is due to the weight on the neck. Therefore, weight loss leads to better sleep.

When should I see the doctor for weight loss?

Before embarking on the journey of weight loss, it is always important to see the doctor. The doctor will be able to give you safe procedures for the realization of your goals. Because you may require dietary changes during this process, you should see the doctor so that they may look into your health concerns and other needs. You may also see a mental health expert for psychological help in the long time process. If you encounter a problem with your food intake, control of what you eat, or losing too much weight, make a consultation with the doctor immediately. It is essential to see the doctor before starting this process because some food may not be safe or effective. A doctor can help you find the appropriate methods that complement your lifestyle. You should also see the doctor if your average weight goes over 100 pounds.


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